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Being an OASIS member has its advantages. Our transparent, inclusive environment allows our members to produce high-impact work while making strategic connections in our thriving community. Explore all the ways to work with us—we’re here to help.

Why become an OASIS member?

Because the work being done here matters… to your partners, to your industry, to the world. Join for:

The Influence

Have your voice heard, your use cases addressed, and your requirements met.

The Governance

Get things done with support and oversight that result in fair, transparent, and productive collaboration.

The Safety

Develop under proven licensing policies, confident that the contributions you make and the work you produce can be adopted without concerns.

The Recognition

Be seen as one of the leaders (or be conspicuous by your absence). 

The Inside Track

Get a head start on compliance before the standards become final.  

The Community

Collaborate with potential partners, customers, and policy makers. Share ideas and leverage the brain trust that is OASIS. 

The Glory

See your name attached to something that’s relevant, respected, and adopted on a global scale…maybe all the way to ISO, IEC, or ITU.