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The connections. The development. The recognition. The inside track on influential work. They’re all great reasons to join OASIS Open. But perhaps the biggest reason: a diverse, democratic, and inclusive community that’s designed to help you succeed.

Your work. Our support.

Diverse people and skillsets make OASIS stronger. We’re dedicated to helping our members produce high-impact work by creating a fair, transparent environment they can thrive in. Whether you’re a large, multi-national organization or a single-person consultancy, our dues are fair and scaled, so that everyone can find a home here. Explore all the ways to work with us—we’re here to help.       

Open Project Sponsorship

Everyone is welcome to make technical contributions to Open Projects–there are no dues or fees required. Instead, each Open Project is funded by annual sponsorship dues from the stakeholder organizations committed to its success.

Organization Size Organizational Sponsor Premier Sponsor
2,000+ employees $26,500 $60,000
500-1,999 employees $16,000
100-499 employees $10,600
10-99 employees $5,300
Fewer than 10 employees $2,200
Nonprofit, university, non-OECD government agency $1,100

Core Services cover the technical, legal, promotional, and administrative services necessary for an Open Project to operate successfully and produce deliverables that can be recognized as true international standards.

Supplemental Services are specific to each Open Project and may be provided by external vendors, contractors, or OASIS staff. Not all Open Projects have a need for Supplemental Services. Premier Sponsors may fund their choice of approved Supplemental Services with a portion of their dues.

Both Premier and General Open Project sponsorship includes full OASIS membership status. Contact OASIS for details.

Technical Committee Membership

To participate in a TC, you need to join OASIS or be employed by an organization that is already a member. You may choose to be involved in one or many TCs. There are no extra fees or limits to the number of employees an organization may have participating.  

Choose the membership category that best meets your needs:

  • Contributor provides unlimited TC participation.
  • General Sponsor adds visibility and marketing benefits to unlimited Committee participation.
  • Premier packages the highest visibility, marketing benefits, and your choice of Premium sponsorships with unlimited Committee participation.

If you are a representative of an OASIS Member Organization and need to set up your login credentials, start here.

Annual Technical Committee Membership Dues

Premier $60,000
General Sponsor Contributor
Company employing more than 500 people$22,300$11,150
Company employing 100 – 500 people$19,100$ 10,300
Company employing 10 – 99 people$16,400$ 9,000
Company employing fewer than 10 employees$ 7,950$ 4,350
Academic Institution or Association$13,750$ 1,550
Nat’l government agency (OECD country)$13,750 *
Nat’l government agency (non-OECD country)$13,750$ 1,550
Local government agency$13,750$ 1,550
* Contributor-level dues for national government agencies from OECD member countries 
are based on the number of employees and correspond to the dues categories for companies.

Contributor Membership

Contributor membership was designed to enable organizations (particularly small government agencies, academics, and non-profit associations) to participate fully in Committee work. Vendors are free to choose this category of membership with the understanding that no marketing or visibility benefits are included.

General Sponsor membership provides the full range of benefits that vendors (of all sizes), large user organizations, and government agencies need. The General Sponsor category combines unlimited TC participation with essential marketing and visibility benefits. General Sponsors are featured and quoted in OASIS press releases, they participate in interoperability demos, workshops, webinars, and presentations at conferences, their logos and links appear throughout the OASIS website–they support the adoption activities that grow the market for standards-compliant products.

Premier Membership

Demonstrating the highest level of commitment, Premier members are globally recognized as industry leaders and innovators. Their support is critical in enabling OASIS to fulfill its mission. Premier members receive maximum participation, visibility, and promotional benefits including sponsorship of special events and activities.

Personal Membership

OASIS also offers membership to individuals who are self-employed, unemployed, or employed by organizations unable to join OASIS. Individual members do not receive marketing or visibility benefits, and they are not eligible to vote on OASIS Standards or elections for the Board of Directors. Membership is held by the named person only and cannot be transferred.

Individual Membership

You may apply for a personal “Individual” membership if you:

  • are self-employed or unemployed and
  • sign the OASIS Membership Agreement on your own behalf and
  • are legally able to directly license your Intellectual Property (i.e., you haven’t assigned your IPR to an employer or other entity).

Individual dues are 400 USD/year. To apply, submit the Membership Agreement [Individual].

Individual/Associate Membership

You may apply for “Individual/Associate” membership if you:

  • are employed by an organization that is willing to sign the OASIS Membership Agreement and be bound by the Policies of OASIS and
  • are employed by an organization that has no other employees participating in OASIS TCs.

Associate dues are 1,695 USD/year.  To apply, submit the Membership Agreement [Individual/Associate].

Contact OASIS staff to discuss the category of membership that best meets your needs.