The following are notes taken at our 07 September 1999 Board Meeting.
Present: Simon Nicholson, Bob Sutor, Mary McRae, John Parsons, Laura Walker, Alan Hester

European recruitment
- Establish measurement criteria
- # of opportunities for speaking engagements generated and executed upon, regardless of whom
- members identify themselves as OASIS members, deliver value proposition
- 80%+ of XML events
- a majority of related industry events (Internet World)

- Presentations
- develop core content where it doesn't exist
- localise whenever possible
- incorporate current quotes
- make presentations publicly available

- Conferences
- secure compensated presence for content

- Publications
- # press releases
- # placements of PRs
- ink
- press contacts database

- European content
- recommend sources

- Move forward

Membership Growth
- org. vs. indiv.
- commissions based on # of new members

Other recruitment
- Laura to forward all applications to board and to review
- Program Director is highest priority

NATO workshop
- Bob to speak for OASIS
- Laura to contact JP Morgan about a speaker on fPML

XML One Europe
- Board meeting Mon-Tues
- Simon to arrange dinner on Monday night


- Lots of PR needed this week
- Announcements on organizational affiliations