The following are notes taken at our 20 September 1999 Board Meeting.
Present: Simon Nicholson, Bob Sutor, Mary McRae, John Parsons, Laura Walker, Alan Hester

- XML.org update - Bob
Feedback indicates that we're on track.
Need to recruit submissions
Idea: publish collection of articles on XML developments (e.g., fpML, ACORD)

- Recruitment update
- Walker to submit recommendations for XML.org by COB today
- Walker to prioritize other candidates

- OASIS in Europe - Simon
- Update on European activities

- London BoD Meeting Agenda
OAG - Tuesday after lunch 90 minutes
Pam - Monday dinner
XML.org Strategy Brainstorming
Proposals for modifications to by laws
Hiring Decisions

- Review PR schedule
- Speaker for NATO
- fPML, London office

- OfficeDoc
- send msg out/Corel
- hold off on release until we secure add'l commitment