The following are notes taken at the 22 November 1999 OASIS Board Meeting (a teleconference). Present: Simon Nicholson, Bill Smith, Bob Sutor, Alan Hester, Jon Parsons, Norbert Mikula, Laura Walker

Absent: Eric Garcia, Mary McRae


1. Operations Report
2. WebSite Discussions
3. Office space
4. PEO (Professional Employment Organization -- benefits)
8. By laws
9. AOB

1. Operations Report - Healthy Cash Position - Only a few problem accounts - Complete Operations Report will be distributed to board after November close

2. WebSite DiscussionsÊNeed to identify an IT plan - TABLED TO 12/2/99 F2F - equipment - staffing - consulting services

3. Office space - site inspection 12/2; check references

4. PEO (Professional Employment Organization -- benefits) - OK to move forward w/contract

5. CONFORMANCE TESTING Companies like separation of developing standards from conformance test suites. We believe that this is the relationship we have (D. Connelly conversation). - Alan to send an email with background information on SVG conformance testing and its current state. - Bill to ask Jon Bosak to contact: Each member with AC rep, who should individually lobby W3C in support of OASIS/NIST developing conformance test suites.

6. OASIS STAFF MANAGING EDITOR RS - Propose that OASIS hire Craig Chevrier as Managing Editor-OASIS websites, staring 22 November NM - 2nd Vote: unanimous
MEMBER SERVICES MANAGER Jon summarized qualifications of favored candidate. Move forward with hiring. JP - Propose that OASIS hire Scott MGrath as Member Services Manager. RS - 2nd Vote: unanimous

7. BOARD POSITIONS - As Simon is now officially a Sun employee, he has resigned as Chair - As President, Bill now services as acting Chair (according to by-laws) - As agreed @ BoD meeting in London, we will go to members with a vote for keeping Simon on the Board through the end of his term

8. BY LAW REVIEW - Our legal counsel has reacted to the changes to the By Laws the Board has proposed. - Changes should be reviewed by CGM Open Board - Board to review and discuss at next F2F meeting

9. AOB - Upcoming (Y2K) OASIS events - MOVED TO EMAIL - Discussion of sponsoring XML eXcursion (Geek Cruises) - MOVED TO EMAIL