The following are notes taken at the 04 January 2000 Board Meeting of the OASIS Board of Directors. Present: Norbert Mikula, Eric Garcia Mary McRae, Bob Sutor, Alan Hester, Lofton Henderson, , Bill Smith, Jon Parsons, Laura Walker

- Ops Report
- Status of transition of XML-DEV and site hosting
- ebXML meeting agenda (high-level)
- OASIS office status
- Vote status: Simon

Absent: Simon Nicholson



1. Ops Report Great 4Q. Lots of new sponsor members. Complete Ops Report to be emailed to Board.

2. Status of transition of XML-DEV and site hosting

3. ebXML meeting agenda (high-level) 1PM start on Monday Coffee break PM NOON end on Friday Coffee break AM Hotel - close to DW and/or Airport; Limit: $133 / night

4. OASIS office status

5. Vote status: - Simon
- Deadline 24 December. 17 votes received (all YES)
- IPR - Deadline 10 January. 6 votes received (all YES)


1. LW - Get contact information on D. Fogg and J. Trezzo to Bill

2. LW - Netscape - blurb on benefit of membership; send to Bill

3. LW - solicit votes from individual members; send general announcement to announce list. Scott to contact members individually.

4. LW - talk to Thomas and/or Ravi (his boss) about securing enough service time to manage site transition (perhaps guarantee certain amount for next 2 weeks).

5. Alan to ask Thomas to move XML.org ask Thomas change IP addresses to talk with Henry, Jon, etc. about XML-DEV policies

6. For next agenda, ask Bill to report on GCA