The following are notes taken at the 21 February 2000 OASIS Board of Directors Meeting (a teleconference).

Present: Bill Smith, Mary McRae, Norbert Mikula, Lofton Henderson, Jon Parsons, Alan Hester, Laura Walker

Absent: Bob Sutor, Simon Nicholson, Eric Garcia


Hot (!) opportunity for OASIS in the Financial Vertical
- Walker to create mailing list "finance@xml.org"

OASIS/CommerceNet activity
- T. Allen to serve as OASIS rep (for the purpose of ACXO Formation
- Walker to report that motion to form ACXO passed (to Board and to SC)
- Walker to advise SAP about ACXO and rationale for forming it
- actively working on regrep; spending $

XML.ORG Agreement
- Walker to send most recent version of agreement to Sun, IBM, Documentum

XML.ORG redevelopment
- decision on vendor (report attached) (LW w/CC)

Status on:
- The XML Cover Pages home page redesign & sponsor recruitment (LW)
- AI - Walker to work w/Simon on Sun contract
- Member contact (LW w/SM)
- Plans for XTech (LW)
- Accounting/Budget retooling project (LW)
- SAP/XML.ORG contract negotiations (LW, BS, RS)

- Status on CGM Open review of new bylaw language (JP)

AI - Parsons to issue motion to accept via email
- D&O Insurance
- back to Walker
- Will require a vote; Walker to solicit a motion
- XML-DEV (archives, digest, home page) (AH)
- Walker to coordinate w/Chevrier and Hester to make all
this happen
- Website statistics
- Hester to recommend, Walker to purchase.