A face-to-face meeting of the OASIS Board of Directors was held in Bellevue, WA on Tuesday and Wednesday, 18-19 April 2000.

Bill Smith, President and acting Chair
Norbert Mikula, Chief Technical Officer
Bob Sutor, Chief Strategy Officer
Eric Garcia, Director
Simon Nicholson, Director
Laura Walker, OASIS Executive Director (non-voting)

Not present:
Jon Parsons, Secretary/Treasurer
Mary McRae, Chief Marketing Officer
Alan Hester, CIO
Lofton Henderson, CGM Open Representative (non-voting)

IT infrastructure (Mailing lists) - All
Update on Recruitment/HR
 - Web master - Laura
 - Technical Operations - Bill/Eric
 - CFO (part time) - Laura
GCA relationship update - Bill
ebXML update - Bill/Bob
Proposal for non-member participation in mailing lists/TCs - Norbert
Discussion on the scope and shape of the OASIS Board - All
Event calendar - Laura
Board meeting schedule - All
Plan for Board Elections  - Laura
Review 2000 Budget - Bill/Jon
XML.ORG and ACXO report - Laura/Simon
CGM Open - All


Bill called the meeting to order and appointed Simon as chair of the meeting.

Since one member of the Board is not able to participate on the 2nd day of the Board meeting, Bob moved that an Executive Committee be formed for a day, 19 April, to enable the Board to discuss and decide Consortium business.
2nd: Norbert
Vote: unanimous

Bill announced that he was resigning from the Process Advisory Committee.

IT infrastructure (Mailing list)
a. Research options for outsourcing mailing list and website admin
b. Utilize volunteered external resources for dealing w/short term issues (available w/in
10 days; will be available for 30 days). With high priority on transfer of knowledge from
CIO and volunteered resource to OASIS staff member

Review feedback from interviews for Member of Technical Staff/Standards Development
Manager Director of Technical Operations
Contracts for services w/providers of technical operational infrastructure
Bob Sutor moved that total compensation for the Director of Technical Operations is not to exceed $90K
2nd Eric Garcia
Ayes: unan.

Update on recruitment of web master - Laura
Reported on temporary-to-permanent staff.

Update on recruitment of Operations Director - Laura
Candidate appears to have declined the OASIS opportunity
AI - Laura to come back to board w/3 names to investigate (CFO/legal/etc.)

GCA relationship update - Bill

ebXML update - Bob & Bill
Bill did a joint presentation w/Klaus at the UN/CEFACT meeting in Geneva.
AI - Board and Walker to encourage members to participant in ebXML

Non-member participation in mailing lists/TCs
Decided to stick with current process and rules. Walker will come back to Board with
proposals for "eval" membership, if appropriate.

Discussion on the scope and shape of the OASIS Board
We are now approaching an election, added to which there has been Mary's
recent decision to resign.  We have had initial conversations as to whether
we should change the make up of the Board (for example appointing non-exec
officers).  This session is an open discussion to review our options and
identify what changes, if any, we should plan on implementing.  This
discussion should also include a decision on recruiting a replacement for Mary

Date for next face to face - Wednesday, 7 June in San Francisco. Sun has offered to host.

Discussion "convergence" summit -- agenda appears to have changed significantly from the
original plan.

Calendar of forthcoming events and shows - Laura

02-04 May XML Scandinavia
08-12     ebXML Brussels
12        Possible Consortia meeting (comptia, etc.) (Brussels)
15-19     WWW9 - (Amsterdam)
23        W3C/OASIS workshop @ WWW9 (Amsterdam)
22-24     W3C AC Meeting (Amsterdam)
23        compTIA Board meeting (Bellevue)
24        InternetWorld UK
22-24     Dynamic Content (San Francisco)
05-09 Jun Java One (San Francisco)
08        Regrep Soft Launch
08-09     Regrep Media tour (SF & NYC)
12        Regrep announcement
12-16     XML Europe (Paris)
26-29     XML DevCon (NYC)
17-19 Jul XML Summer School (CSW - Oxford)
07-11 Aug ebXML - US (location TBD)
        Aug eXtreme (Montreal)
      Aug OASIS Summer Workshop (Montreal)
28-01 Sep Seybold SF
02-05 Oct XML One San Jose
02-05     XMLeadership
18-20     XML One London
06-10 Nov ebXML Tokyo
      Dec XML2000 (DC)

AI - Scott McGrath assigned to propose Summer Workshop schedule and agenda (coincident
w/eXtreme in Montreal?) by Tuesday 24 April

2000 Budget - vote
Tabled until after discussion of strategy and business plan. Board has requested month
cash flow reports and to continue with the full financials on a quarterly basis. Until
budget is adopted, run at break-even (without dipping into cash reserves).

CGM Open - we have a proposal from the CGM Open Board that we started
to discuss during our last conference call.  This session is to review the
proposal and vote on whether to adopt or decline.

  Review of member section language in new bylaws (yet to be ratified).
  By laws to be distributed by vote by 28 April
  Board recommends that CGM Open not act until after ratification of bylaws.

xml.org and ACXO report - Laura & Simon
  Report on status of regrep reference implementation.
  The Board recognized the efforts of OASIS staff in moving this
  work forward (particularly Craig Chevrier, for his work on the
  classification scheme) , and also the work of the implementation

Discussion of Strategy and Business Plan
 AI - Eric to take planning to the next step

 - Salary increase
     AI - assigned to N. Mikula
 - Hiring Admin assistant
     Simon moved to hire admin as proposed by Walker. 2nd by Norbert. Vote: unan.
 - Review of European operations
    AI - Walker to provide status report on 1 May