Board Meeting minutes
15-16 August 2000
Montreal Delta Hotel

Attendees: Bill Smith, Bob Sutor, Amy Krane, Alan Hester, Eric Gracia, Norbert Mikula, Patrick Gannon, Una Kearns
Invitees: Karl Best, Simon Nicholson, Michael Weiner
Telephone: Lofton Henderson

  • Review July 2000 OASIS financial statements (balance sheet and P&L)
  • Report on new members (Karl)
  • Report on IT status (Karl)
  • Discussion of board members having backup at board meetings

Motion: each board member may bring an additional person to assist at board meetings; any board member may request that non board members be asked to leave during any part of the meeting. Moved by Norbert; seconded by Amy; passed unanimously.

  • Report on XML.org Registry status (Una and Karl)
  • Report from the Executive Committee (Bill)
  • Report on ebXML status (Bob and Bill)
  • Report on CGM Open, and discussion of member sections (Lofton Henderson via telephone)
  • Discussion of staffing issues:
    • hiring of webmaster
    • hiring of managing editor
  • Discussion of personell issues
    • termination of webmaster; unanimously agreed
  • Report on TC status (Norbert)
  • Discussion of OASIS relationship with IDEAlliance (Norbert)
  • Discussion of STEP proposal to provide content management system for Robin Cover pages. (Norbert)
  • Discussion of EC project (Patrick)
  • Discussion of OASIS/ebXML relationship with RosettaNet (Patrick)
  • Planning for OASIS board meeting/retreat in October; location and agenda
  • Report from Jon Bosak on attorney's review of new TC process

Motion: board will vote via email at a later date on an ammendment suggested by OASIS legal council re: reporting of TC activities to the board. Moved: Bill; seconded: Una; passed unanimously.

  • Report from Planning Advisory Committee (Eric)
  • Discussion of ebXML marketing efforts (Simon and Patrick)
  • Discussion of OASIS board meeting with Microsoft (Bob and Bill)
  • Discussion of XML.org direction (Una)
  • European status: the board requests a status report from Pam Gennusa regarding European recruitment and membership activities.