The following are the minutes from the 15 December 2000 meeting (via teleconference) of the OASIS Board of Directors.

Present: Karl Best, Eric Garcia, Alan Hester, Una Kearns, Norbert Mikula, Lynne Rosenthal (standing in for Lofton Henderson as the CGM Open rep), Bill Smith, Bob Sutor, Laura Walker
Absent: No one


Old Business:

  1. ebXML Status - Bill, Bob, Patrick
  2. OASIS Hiring Status - Laura, Amy
  3. Website Status - Karl
  4. XML.ORG Infrastructure - Karl, Una

New Business:

  • URN Namespace TC Proposal - Karl
  • Discussion on Strategic Growth via M&As

ebXML Status:

  • Meetings needed: Executive Committee and Marketing Project Team
  • More marketing resource needed
  • More website content needed

OASIS Hiring Status

  • Leo Kraunelis joins as BusDevDir 18 Dec
  • Karl still interviewing for DirIT

Website Status

  • Everything operational, no issues
  • CGM Open moved

OASIS/XML.ORG Infrastructure

The OASIS web domains have been running smoothly at Exodus for about a month now. The server at Superb has been disconnected, and OASIS has ended our relationship with Superb. The mail lists are also running smoothly and without problems. The XML.org Registry server continues to run at iStructure, with the normal minor and occasional outages. Jeff Lomas has recently moved the CGMOpen domain (web and mail list) to the OASIS server, and is redesigning the CGMOpen web page to look more like the OASIS home page. Development of Phase 2 projects (membership database, content mgmt system/portal, etc) will begin as soon as we hire an IT director.


URN Namespace TC Proposal - Karl
Board has agreed that a URN namespace proposal to IETF is wanted, and authorized Karl and Norm Walsh to prepare and submit this. The only change from the original draft submitted to the booard by Karl is that XML.org should be a separate namespace on the same level as OASIS.

Discussion on Strategic Growth via M&As Confidential discussion regarding strategic expansion.