The following are the minutes from the 20 February 2001 meeting (via teleconference) of the OASIS Board of Directors.

Present: Eric Garcia, Una Kearns, Amy Krane, Norbert Mikula, Lofton Henderson, Bill Smith, Bob Sutor; Laura Walker (OASIS)
Absent: Alan Hester, Bill Smith

Patrick Gannon called the meeting to order and reviewed the agenda:

FY01 Plan and Budget Review
Staffing Update (tabled to a future meeting)
Merger Discussions
FY01 Plan and Budget Review

MOTION: Eric Garcia moved to approve FY01 Budget as presented by L. Walker
2ND: Amy Krane
VOTE: unanimous

Merger Discussions
Next steps:

l. Walker would author a follow-up letter to ______ indicating that:

  1. OASIS is interested in the merger for more than operational considerations
  2. OASIS understands the importance of ______ , and that we are willing to continue ______ activities under the combined entity
  3. OASIS is open to discussing composition of Board of combined entity, ideally kicking off these discussions via a F2F meeting

2. OASIS Directors to review this letter and VOTE on whether to submit it to ______

3a.Schedule meeting(s) with the ______

  • Teleconference 26 February (prior to ______ meeting)
  • F2F week of 19 March

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1PM EST.