Cupertino, CA
Tuesday, 4 December 2001




Colin Evans

Director and Board Chair

Norbert Mikula

Director and Board Vice-Chair

Patrick Gannon

Director and interim President/CEO

Jim Hughes

Director and Secretary/Treasurer

Una Kearns


Christopher Kurt


Simon Nicholson


Michael Weiner



Others Present

Karl Best

OASIS Director of Technical Operations

1. Opening and Agenda Approval. Colin Evans called the meeting to order at 9:35 am and the announced agenda was approved.

2. Previous Minutes, Action Items, Secretary Comments. Previous minutes were approved:

Resolution 011204-01. Resolved unanimously: That the minutes of the 31 October 2001 and 15 November 2001 Board meetings are approved.

3. ebXML Status. Patrick presented status of current discussions with UN/CEFACT regarding ongoing ebXML work, especially the creation of joint teams for marketing and architecture. There are still some issues to be resolved, but for now the 5/01 Vienna Memorandum of Understanding is still the governing document for our work. The OASIS ebXML Joint Committee will be asked to nominate a technical representative to the OASIS-UN/CEFACT joint management team.

4. "Big 4 MoU". After discussions, it was decided to accept an invitation from the ISO/IEC/ITU/ECE to join their MoU as an International User Group by adding the following two sections to the base agreement and identify OASIS in the Register of Participating IUGs:

A.18 It is understood that OASIS and UN/CEFACT have jointly developed a set of specifications for electronic business called ebXML, that work on the ebXML specifications is being continued under the respective OASIS and UN/CEFACT processes, and that OASIS and UN/CEFACT have their own agreement for the joint coordination and management of the ebXML work.

A.19 It is understood that OASIS creates specifications including those related to the use of XML for electronic business, that the topics pursued by OASIS are selected by its members, and that OASIS technical committees are formed and operate under terms of the OASIS TC Process. OASIS seeks to promote collaboration between its technical committees and Standards Organizations or other groups developing standards and specifications, and will create liaisons and other relationships with these groups as appropriate.

Resolution 011204-02. Resolved unanimously: That the OASIS Board of Directors accept the invitation of the ISO/IEC/ITU/ECE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Management Group for OASIS to join the MoU as an International User Group. Karl Best is nominated as OASIS' representative to the MoU Management Group.

Resolution 011204-03. Resolved unanimously: That the OASIS Board of Directors approves submission of the proposed text to the MoU MG for inclusion in the MoU document. Any substantive change to this text must be submitted to the OASIS Executive Committee for approval.

5. Annual General Meeting. Further discussion of the agenda and details for the AGM were discussed, including setting topics and speakers.

6. ISO Submission Status. OASIS is proceeding to apply for PAS status so that we can fast-track selected standards at ISO. ANSI was also considered, but for various reasons it was felt better to just pursue ISO for now. We will need to identify a suitable initial standard in our application and research the IPR issues.

7. Closing. Colin closed the meeting at 6:45 pm.

Jim Hughes