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Kevin Mangold as co-editor of WS-BD

Do you approve Kevin Mangold to be added as an editor of WS-Biometric Devices?

Sorry everyone, I forgot to bring this up during the meeting on Tuesday. I added my name as editor in WD02 in anticipation of approval from last meeting but it slipped my mind to bring it up.

Upon approval of this ballot, Kevin Mangold would be added to the editor list of WS-Biometric Devices

 [ ]  Yes
 [ ]  No
 [ ]  Abstain
Opening:   Thursday, 24 October 2013 @ 08:00 am EDT
Closing:   Thursday, 31 October 2013 @ 08:00 am EDT
Group:   OASIS Biometrics TC
Ballot has closed.

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Option # Votes % of Total
Yes 4 100%
No 0 0%
Abstain 0
Eligible members who have voted: 4 of 5 80%
Eligible members who have abstained: 0 of 5 0%
Eligible members who have not voted: 1 of 5 20%

Voting Details

Voter Company VoteReference Document and/or Comment
Anne Wang
Raul Sanchez-Reillo
Carlos III University of Madrid
Sander Fieten
Ross Micheals
Kevin Mangold