OASIS WS-BPEL Extension for People (BPEL4People) TC

This TC operates under the RF on Limited Terms Mode of the OASIS IPR Policy.

SAP AG Statement concerning Intellectual Property Rights
submitted to OASIS 5 August 2009

SAP has one United States patent and five published United States patent applications that contain one or more claims that may be essential to implement the OASIS BPEL4People specification currently under development at OASIS. Some of these also have foreign counterparts. SAP will provide licenses as required by the OASIS IPR Policy for compliant implementations of the OASIS BPEL4People specification.

Title: BPM User Interaction Design
Publication Number: US-2005-0193061-A1
Application Serial Number: 11/045,548

Title: SAP Business Task Management
Publication Number: US-2008-0046862-A1
Application Serial Number: 11/505,832

Title: Timer patterns for graphical workflow models
Publication Number: US-2009-0165001-A1
Application Serial Number: 11/960,635

Title: An Architecture for Agile Process Support through End User Development in a Collaborative Task Management System
Publication Number: US-2008-0313281-A1
Application Serial Number: 12/137,401

Title: Facilitating improved workflow
Pat. No.: 7,403,989

Title: 2003P00353 Universal worklist service and user interface
Publication Number: US-2005-0033626-A1
Application Serial Number: 10/841,241

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Dewayne A. Hughes
IP Counsel for SAP AG