OASIS Content Assembly Mechanism TC

The original Call For Participation for this TC may be found at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200211/msg00008.html

The charter for this TC is as follows.


Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) TC.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this TC is to provide a specification of a generalized mechanism in XML whereby implementers can deliver the means to bring together business process context and the localized implementation business rules needed to take a raw industry standard schema instance and combine that with actual business information content, context and roles and produce a valid consistent XML document instance.

OASIS is developing specifications for business process mechanisms, industry standard schemas, registry systems, and schema mechanisms. The CAM specification will allow these four components to be brought together in a consistent and standard way and publish assembly implementation instructions based on these OASIS specifications. This will facilitate the work of industry groups and allow development of software tools that work consistently with all these specifications.

OASIS CAM project will contribute to the horizontal and e-business framework specifications of OASIS and will also provide interoperability for other XML and non-XML standards working together.

The CAM TC will include derived business context mechanism support within the assembly process and thus harmonize with existing OASIS work where business context is used.

List of Deliverables

First draft of Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) - Feb 2003
Public review release of CAM specification - Apr 2003
Formally approved OASIS CAM v1.0 specification - Jul 2003