The original Call For Participation for this TC may be found at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200404/msg00005.html

The charter for this TC is as follows.

Name of the TC:

OASIS CGM Open WebCGM TC Technical Committee

Statement of Purpose:

The CGM Open WebCGM TC is chartered to carry out the technical work of the OASIS CGM Open Member Section. That technical work originated with the technical agenda of the former CGM Open Consortium Inc, which since January 2004 has been reorganized and integrated into OASIS as the OASIS CGM Open Member Section.

The purpose of the CGM Open WebCGM TC is to accelerate the further adoption, application, and implementation of the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM), the international standard for open interchange of structured graphical objects and their associated attributes. The WebCGM Profile of CGM was developed by CGM Open and is a current recommendation of the W3C. WebCGM is focused on presenting dynamic technical graphics in the web environment.

The focus of the TC is to coordinate WebCGM with other CGM application areas, further develop the WebCGM profile based on requirements for needed features, educate users in the appropriate use of CGM and WebCGM, and promote interoperability of CGM and especially WebCGM applications.

At the highest level the problem being addressed by the TC is the improved penetration of CGM and WebCGM into their target application sectors and the successful implementation of multiple interoperable applications in those sectors.


The following is a master list of potential work items that have been enumerated for the CGM technical program. This forms the scope for the CGM Open WebCGM TC:

  • WebCGM future development including possible releases of new versions of WebCGM
  • WebCGM DOM development
  • Web-based CGM interoperability reporting and tracking system
  • Any additional interoperability topics that are identified by the TC in response to the evolution of the markets, target application sectors, and CGM/WebCGM implementations.
  • Alignment of WebCGM functionality with ATA (and other) graphics profile requirements
  • Maintenance of product ICS (Implementation Conformance Statement) database
  • Definition of semantics of XML companion data associated with WebCGM
  • XML encoding of WebCGM
  • An education program for users and implementers of CGM and WebCGM technology.

In addition, the CGM Open WebCGM TC will maintain relationships with other international standards groups involved in CGM and web graphics technology.

Anything other than the above listed items is considered out of scope for the CGM Open WebCGM TC. There will be significant milestones with the completion of specifications dealing with WebCGM, as well as with the delivery of tools and services for interoperability.

List of Deliverables:

In the CGM community there is general agreement about the prioritization of three badly needed, partially finished work items to address the short-term requirements. The following is a list of the three highest-priority, most critical items, from the larger set identified in the above Scope section:

  • WebCGM DOM specification - final design at first F2F meeting with formal DOM acceptance six months later
  • Interoperability reporting/tracking system - public availability one month after first F2F meeting
  • Refresh of product ICS database - one month after first F2F meeting

Additional deliverables are anticipated to satisfy the other identified scope items described above. Those deliverables will be defined and added to the TC's charter upon completion of the currently defined deliverables.

Anticipated Audience:

The anticipated audience for this work are vendors and users of web-based technical graphics