OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC

The original Call For Participation for this TC may be found at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200409/msg00005.html

The charter for this TC is as follows.

Name of the TC

OASIS DCML Applications and Services Technical Committee (DCML-AppServ TC)

Statement of Purpose

The Data Center Markup Language (DCML) is an XML-based specification for representing the contents of data centers and information used in managing those contents. The overall goal of the OASIS DCML TCs is to support the development of a holistic set of standards related to the automated management of data center infrastructure. This TC is part of the OASIS DCML Member Section.

The purpose of the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC is to extend the OASIS DCML Framework Specification by defining extensions to represent Applications and Services and the information necessary to manage these components. Applications encompass packaged applications as well as custom applications that are used within the data center to provide IT services. Services are the finished products of the amalgamation of environmental components (servers, storage, networking, etc.), blueprinting (configuration information), and policy governing components (applications and best practices/processes/guidelines) into IT or business services. The Applications and Services extensions will be designed so as to be able to represent both specific abstract application and services architectures and, if further extended, specific products or instantiations of a application or service. As noted in the OASIS DCML Framework TC charter, the DCML specifications are expected to leverage existing, available standardized methods of management, endpoint reference, policy, etc. where appropriate and feasible.

The OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC will directly leverage the OASIS DCML Framework specification and provide feedback to the OASIS DCML Framework TC to integrate the cross-referencing components of the datacenter to ensure uniformity and compliance to the overall DCML structure and tenets. The TC will directly utilize the OASIS DCML Framework structure, rules, accompanying data model and meta-model, which every TC uses to produce extension OASIS DCML definitions, to support or constrain the described structure of specific classes of applications and services.

The goal of the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC is to create a uniform, heterogeneous, and comprehensive highly-extensible data model and interchange format that allows applications (packaged and custom developed), application components (e.g., web services, etc.), and IT Services of all types to be referenced and managed along with the other components of existing and future IT environments. Using the interchange format, heterogeneous management systems will be able to incorporate the standardized and cross-elemental management packages

Scope of the TC

The scope of the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC is the definition and creation of a data format and associated elements, structured hierarchy outlining the format, and specification outlining the proper usage of the data format, describing particular Applications and Services in IT environments. The scope does not include the creation or definition of protocols, programmatic interfaces, or implementations that use the specification; this work will be developed separately from this TC. There will be likely other OASIS DCML TCs which uniformly provide implementation and protocol usage for DCML, but they are yet to be determined.

The initial scope of the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC will focus on the use cases provided in the OASIS DCML Framework TC. Using base format and structure of the OASIS DCML Framework, the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC will integrate the particular aspects of the structure and format of Applications and Services as extensions to the OASIS DCML Framework. Due to the complementary nature of these extensions to the Framework, the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC work is expected to be able to create much of its work in parallel to that of the OASIS DCML Framework TC

It is anticipated that the elements addressed by the Applications & Services specification will exclude items addressed by the OASIS DCML Networks TC. But the TC may elect to address some or all of those elements in consultation with the DCML Networks TC if it facilitates unification of the model.

List of Deliverables, with Completion Dates

Apps/Services Hierarchy and Extension Data Model v1.0 - 2Q 2005,
Apps/Services Specification v1.0 - 3Q, 2005
Apps/Services Reference and Users Guide v1.0 - 3Q, 2005
Apps/Services Specification, Reference and Users Guide v1.1 - 4Q, 2005
Apps/Services Specification, Reference and Users Guide v2.0 - 1H, 2006
Apps/Services Specification, Reference and Users Guide v2.1 - 2H, 2006


Generally speaking, the OASIS DCML Applications/Services TC work will be used by the same groups that will use other OASIS DCML specifications, with a particular interest in the standardization of the management of Applications and Services throughout the IT enterprise and software management landscape, including the following groups:

  • Future TCs tackling the out-of-scope work items mentioned above
  • End users seeking to achieve standardized data exchange using DCML for particular applications/services
  • Vendors and end-users seeking to implement DCML as a means of better managing applications/services
  • The general public with an interest in learning more about DCML, particularly those interested in its application to managing applications/services


The TC will conduct its business in English.