The original Call For Participation for this TC may be found at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200409/msg00007.html

The charter for this TC is as follows.

Name of the TC

OASIS DCML Server Technical Committee (DCML-Server TC)

Statement of Purpose

The Data Center Markup Language (DCML) is an XML-based specification for representing the contents of data centers and information used in managing those contents. The overall goal of the OASIS DCML TCs is to support the development of a holistic set of standards related to the automated management of data center infrastructure. This TC is part of the OASIS DCML Member Section.

The purpose of the OASIS DCML Server TC is to define extensions to the DCML Framework specification to facilitate the representation and management of information about servers. "Server" refers to a logical or physical compute resource in the datacenter. In realizing this goal, the OASIS DCML Server TC supports the larger DCML goals of facilitating the interchange of descriptive information between multiple tools and devices, improving configuration and dynamic reconfiguration in the data center environment, enabling increased automation, and enabling machine processing of descriptive and policy information.

Scope of the TC

The OASIS DCML Server TC will develop a DCML data format to represent servers based on the approach, concepts, and structures defined by the OASIS DCML Framework TC. The Server TC will also produce a "user's guide" to these extensions, explaining how implementers are expected to make use of the extension. The OASIS DCML Server TC will base its work on use cases defined by the OASIS DCML Framework TC. The Server TC will provide feedback to the Framework TC on the use of the Framework specification in accomplishing these tasks, so that the Framework specification may be improved.

The scope of the DCML Server TC will specifically not include defining protocols, APIs, implementation frameworks, or other work items not mentioned above.

List of Deliverables, with Completion Dates

The Server TC will produce the following deliverables:

  • DCML Server Extensions Specification - v1.0: March 2005
  • DCML Server Extensions User's Guide - v1.0: March 2005
  • DCML Server Extensions Specification - v2.0: October 2005
  • DCML Server Extensions User's Guide - v2.0: October 2005


We anticipate the DCML Server TC work will be used by a number of groups:

  • Future TCs tackling the out-of-scope work items mentioned above
  • End users seeking to achieve standardized data exchange using DCML for particular server management applications
  • Vendors seeking to implement DCML as a means of better managing servers
  • The general public with an interest in learning more about DCML, particularly those interested in its application to managing servers


The TC will conduct its business in English.