IPR member counter for OASIS DITA Adoption TC, generated on November 2, 2021, 8:17 am

This page is an automated counter to track TC participation statistics that may be relevant under the current OASIS IPR Policy. The counter tracks the number of cumulative days that OASIS members have participated in a specific TC, after the 15 April 2005 enactment date of the current Policy. Until mid-2007, OASIS TCs may operate under either that policy or, in some cases, the prior legacy policy.

These counters are relevant to TCs operating under the current IPR Policy, because it obligates OASIS members whose representatives have served as a TC member for 60 cumulative days or more to make certain licenses available. This table is an automated cumulative counter for that obligation. However, the data in this table depends on maintenance of the rosters by the TC, and may lag or vary from actual participation, so it is subject to correction by definitive documentation.

Name Type Count
A&O Consultancy LTDCompany724
Adobe SystemsCompany1757
Advanced Micro DevicesCompany51
Alfresco SoftwareCompany4225
Cisco SystemsCompany4808
Citrix SystemsCompany538
Comtech Services, Inc.Company4835
Content Technologies ApSCompany1842
Eberlein Consulting LLCCompany1624
Eberlein Consulting LLCCompany735
Flatirons Solutions CorporationCompany901
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.Company1192
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Company2734
Hyperwrite Pty. Ltd.Company679
In.vision Research CorporationCompany110
JANA, Inc,Company1671
JustSystems Canada, Inc.Company3996
Justsystems CorporationCompany603
LSI CorporationCompany1931
LSI CorporationCompany206
MadCap Software Inc.Company696
Mekon LimitedCompany2907
Nokia CorporationCompany2165
Oberon Technologies Inc.Company3903
Polish Association of Translation Agencies (PSBT)Company3549
Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc.Company2344
Really Strategies, Inc.Company474
RSI Content SolutionsCompany629
SAP AGCompany623
SAP SECompany2366
Stilo InternationalCompany211
Suite SolutionsCompany760
Sun MicrosystemsCompany479
Tagsmiths LLCCompany69
Tech-Tav Documentation Ltd.Company22
The Boeing CompanyCompany4190
Virginia TechCompany1302
WritePoint Ltd.Company379
Zenoss, Inc.Company323
Balanza-Dav, ianIndividual2818
Boses, MichaelIndividual741
Day, DonIndividual3261
Doherty, StanleyIndividual4172
Eberlein, KristenIndividual1672
Emerson, GlennIndividual744
Gedaly, ReneIndividual342
Giffin, MarkIndividual2652
Graat, JangIndividual2698
Grantham, TimIndividual2974
Harrison, NancyIndividual3716
Hollis, DavidIndividual2745
Houser, AlanIndividual1722
Hudson, ScottIndividual14
Kimber, EliotIndividual2824
Kravogel, ChrisIndividual1955
Morrison, DouglasIndividual337
Prentice, ScottIndividual1297
Samuels, JacquelineIndividual738
Schengili-Roberts, KeithIndividual445
Schnabel, BryanIndividual4309
Sekine, TetsuyaIndividual4114
Self, AnthonyIndividual4157
Shumate, ChonaIndividual329
Speyer, MarcIndividual877
Strackenbrock, BirgitIndividual859
Swope, AmberIndividual4707
Thomas, RobertIndividual1071
Varghese, MathewIndividual1422
Vedovini, ClaudeIndividual362
Whatley, KayIndividual378