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Title EDXL-Welcome-to-the-RIM-WhitePaper-17Sep09-r1
Name * EDXL-Welcome-to-the-RIM-WhitePaper-17Sep09-r1 (176K)
Description This is the final version of "Welcome to the Rim" white paper, approved Sep 17 2009 by the RIM Subcommittee for submission to the Emergency Management Technical Committee.

This paper provides a basic introduction to the purpose and need for an OASIS EDXL Reference Information Model (RIM). The paper discusses the importance of the RIM development and encourages participation. The RIM is a set of concepts fundamental to emergency information exchange, including lessons learned, which serves as a guide for more efficient and effective implementation standards. When fully developed, the RIM will help to define the nature of emergency information exchange and guide the future development of needed information exchange standards.
Group OASIS Emergency Management TC
Folder White Papers
Submitter Jeff Waters
Date Submitted Friday, 18 September 2009 05:18am
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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Subject & Text Submitter Date Action
Initial comment by submitter
This white paper, Welcome to the RIM, was read and reviewed at the Sep 17 2009 RIM telecon. A few small but significant edits were made, including adding the phrase "lists of policies", adding a bullet noting the RIM documentation will include "guidance materials for best practices and the relationship of RIM concepts to external standards", and revision of the Conclusion section to encourage readers who are interested in learning more to visit the OASIS website.
Jeff Waters