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Title MCT Challenge #2 Documents (Zip)
Name * MCT Challenge #2 Documents (Zip) (177K)
Description This particular challenge does not expose any implementation bugs. The persistent documents reflect valid tracked-changes in terms of the ODF specification. That the producer chose this particular approach to enacting the changes made by an user is appropriately implementation-determined. The challenge is around MCT equivalents and alternatives (if any) for the same cases and up-/down-level interoperability.

The Zip package contains three documents:

An ODF 1.2 Text document that already has a change-tracked deletion (the result from the MCT Challenge #2 Documents)

The ODF 1.2 Text document that results from making further changes to the starting document, demonstrating the particular implementations treatment of deletions over deletions and changes by entering replacement text into a selection.

The CT-2012-11-26-1531-MCT-Challenge-02.odt document that describes the MCT Challenge #2 and demonstrates the observed behavior of an implementation.

The ODF 1.2 change-tracking is employed because it provides a grounded case and because convertibility up to MCT and back to ODF 1.2 also need to be comprehended to the degree either is a commitment for MCT.
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