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Title 03314: Schema ballot: Issue #302
Name * 03314: Schema ballot: Issue #302 (15K)
Description EBALLOT PROPOSAL Provide an address property on the location object in order to provide address details for results. Addresses can refer to a parent address, in order to render address 'chains' that describe structure within an analysis target (e.g., an offset from a section header). Provide a table of cached address objects at run.addresses consistent with other SARIF tables. API IMPACT Define an address object. Add location.address (an address instance) Add run.addresses (an array of address instances) Add externalPropertyFiles.addresses to permit externalizing address data. Remove stackFrame.address and stackFrame.offset (both of type integer) and replace them with a new stackFrame.address property of type address. The address object contains the following properties: baseAddress : a base address rendered as a hexadecimal string kind: an open-ended string that identifies the address kind. 'section' and 'segment' are well-known values. name: a name that is associated with the address, e.g., '.text' offset: an offset from the base address, if present, rendered as a hexadecimal string index: an index into run.addresses used to retrieve a cached instance to represent the address parentIndex: an index into run.addresses to retrieve a parent address. the parent can provide a base address (from which the current offset value is relevant) and other details
Group OASIS Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) TC
Folder System Ballot Results
Submitter David Keaton
Date Submitted Thursday, 07 March 2019 10:01pm
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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