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10:00 am CDT


Dial-in Number: (866) 545-5223/ (865)673-9887 (Outside of the United States/Canada) 
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1 Hour


Darran Rolls

Recording Secretary

Gavenraj Sodhi


As published as of January 18, 2005




Gavenraj Sodhi, Computer Associates


Darran Rolls, Sun


Gary Cole, Sun


Jeff Bohren, OpenNetwork


Hal Lockhart, BEA


Doron Cohen, BMC


Marco Fanti, Thor Technologies


Prateek Mishra, PrincipalIdentity (Observer)


Chuck Allen, HRXML


Paul Kiel, HR-XML






1 - Accept Meeting Minutes From 12/6-7


- As posted at [1]


2 - SPML Working with HR-XML


- Introduction to HR-XML integration

- Discuss possible activities

- Outline integration calendar

- Outline PR activities


      - Boutique companies like background companies, and other smaller companies

      - Basis of Provisioning data

      - Ultimate software (Managed service provider of HRMS service for mid-tier) is interested in SPML for providing information in a standard way


      - Typical scenario:  Applicant tracking system


      - Classic issue of HRMS:

            1) Manager capabilities via manager self-service; Provisioning managers

            2) Employee self-service


- Initial interest within HRXML came from:

      o Application Tracking


- Would HRXML users use Provisioning solutions for onboarding/offbouarding?

      o Not sure if members would be able to move with that but sounds interesting.

      o Project is underway that has employee-related metadata might be interesting around the orchestration of this     within a provisioning scenario

      o Would be good to explore

      o Are we suggesting the SPML-based IDM products are able to profile HR-XML products or our members of HR-XML   to abide by SPML?

      o Draft needs to be developed by both parties

      o Possibility:  Create a separate SPML working group around HR-XML to talk about what the value proposition, what integration would look like

      o Possibility:  Could do it in a general forum

      o Any document for SPML information would be helpful for HR-XML group

      o Next discussion:  Tuesday, 1st of February, 9:00 a.m. CT


3 - Discuss Final Spec Drafting Process


- Issues from draft published at [2]

- Arrange final drafting schedule



4 - Motion to Adjourn


To reconvene 2/1/2005




[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/provision/download.php/10603/pstc-minutes-12-06-2004.html  

[2] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/provision/download.php/10954/draft_pstc_spmlv2.doc