Issues Process

Issue Submittal

An issue, submitted via email to the Technical Committee (TC) mailing list, must contain the following details:

  1. A statement at the top to discourage discussion of the issue until it is assigned a number. For example: "Please defer discussions on this issue until a time this issue is accepted and is assigned a number".
  2. A link to the target documents.
  3. The PDF line numbers.

The submitted issue may contain a proposed resolution.

Exactly one issue is allowed per email. The email must have a subject line "NEW Issue: xxx".

Issue Lifecycle

  1. Issue is submitted.
  2. Issue is assigned a sequential number, logged, and assigned a status "Review", by the issues list editors. The TC member submitting the issue is assigned as the initial owner of the issue.
  3. Issue is discussed via the TC mailing list, conference calls, and face-to-face meetings, as determined by the TC chair, based on the priorities set by the TC. Ownership of the issue may be transferred to another TC member, if appropriate; however, the issue originator will be maintained in history. During its lifetime, an issue may go through different stages, as reflected by its status.

Issue status