Minutes for 07/12/2006 Conference Call


Meeting began at 8:15 AM PT.


The call achieved quorum.


Hour 1 minutes by Mark Ford.


-          John suggested of a moratorium on new issues in order to meet the deadline

-          Ron compared this to a “code freeze”

-          Alex stated that we were supposed to have a feature freeze a year ago

-          Monica: We need to make sure we have the document and schema up to date

-          John: Biggest fear is that we don't make the end of the year and risk having to go through a new IPR process in April 2007. Will propose a deadline in email.

-          John: We should try to wrap this work up by the end of the calendar year.


-          Vinky added the static analysis table updates and released the pen

-          The pen is now open



·         Issue 280

-          Mark: The IBM'ers aren't on so it's probably not worth discussing this issue

-          Deferred until next call


·         Issue 289

-          - Deferred until next call


·         Issue 303

-          Chris: If we're going to pass it with a priority then it gets mixed up with 280. If we disallow, it seems easy.

-          Alex: We don't have explicit text to disallow this. There's no difficulty in this issue.

-          Mark: (proposed spec text pasted into IRC):

·           A fault handler MUST NOT contain <catch> constructs that will match the same fault using the same fault matching rule as described below. A process definition that violates this condition MUST be detected by static analysis and rejected by a conformant implementation.

-          Mark motions to open, Chris seconded.  No objections.

-          Issue 303 is deferred until after Issue 280 is discussed.


·         Issue 292

-          Rania motioned to adopt the proposal as outlined in the issue list. Ron seconded.  No objections.

-          Proposal for Issue 292 is passed.   Issue 292 is now closed.


·         Issue 297

-          Mark dropped the second part of his initial proposal

-          Mark: motions to accept the proposal, Chris seconds.  No objections

-          Proposal for Issue 297 is passed.  Issue 297 is now closed.


·         Issue 294.1

-          Alex provided a summary of this issue as a friendly amendment to Dieter's original proposal.

-          Rania recalled that Dieter was in favor of Alex's suggestions but suggests deferring until Dieter is back.

-          Issue 294.1 is deferred to next call.

-          Issue 294.2 will also be deferred to next call


·         Issue 298

-          Monica posted an updated proposal which is available in the archives (some people apparently did not receive it).  

-          Monica asked Ron to post the updated proposal to IRC.

-          John found the email in the archives (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel/email/archives/200606/msg00215.html)

-          No discussion

-          Monica motioned for the revised proposal is accepted, Ron seconded.  No objections.

-          Proposal for Issue 298 is passed.  Issue 298 is now closed.


Hour 2 minutes by John Evdemon.  Minutes for Hour 2 may be brief because John was chairing the call and taking minutes at the same time.


·         Issue 291

-          Alex provided a recap of the proposal.  Recommendation is to loosen the requirements for using WS-Security (may not be applicable for all protocols).   Suggestion is to add reference as one possible recommendation for security.

-          Alex will write up a draft proposal using spec text for the next call.


·         Issue 301

-          Simon posted an updated proposal to this issue on 6/30.

-          Monica motioned that the revised proposal is accepted, Ron seconded.  No objections.

-          Proposal for Issue 301 is passed.  Issue 301 is now closed.


·         Issue 302

-          Ron proposed modifying the proposal as follows (from the IRC session):

·           Add a restriction on declaration hiding after the 2nd bullet:

·         New variable or partnerLink declarations that would hide existing ones, MUST NOT be used, as such declarations could change the branching behavior or existing partnerLink interactions.

-          Rania pointed out raised some additional changes via IRC:

·         New variable declarations would hide existing ones, thereby changing the branching behavior MUST NOT be used. 

·         New partnerLink declarations would hide existing ones, thereby changing the partnerLink to which an existing activity refers MUST NOT be used. 

·         Adding declarations of variables, partner links, and correlation sets in existing scopes MUST NOT be done if they hide existing declarations that are used by existing constructs in the scope.

-          Rania motioned for the revised proposal is accepted, Ron seconded.  No objections.

-          Proposal for Issue 302 is passed using the revised spec text from IRC.  Issue 302 is now closed.


·         Issue 82.3 (related items)

-          Rania discussed the missing sections and asked that they be included in the spec.

-          The missing sections will be included in the spec.  Everyone should review and provide feedback on these sections (we have not received any feedback to date):

·           http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel/download.php/18967/EC-clarification_EDITED.pdf

·          http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel/download.php/18968/EC-clarification_EDITED.doc




·         Planned agenda for next week’s call:

o    Nomination/volunteers to take minutes

o    Roll call/determine quorum

o    Review agenda

o    Approve previous minutes as available

o    Discuss and approve milestones

o    Discuss dates for an October F2F to discuss Public Review and feedback – call for volunteers to host

o    Update on spec editing status

o    Issues to be discussed:

§  82.3: Feedback on added sections (reminder)

§  280

§  289

§  291

§  294.1

§  294.2

§  303

o    Agenda for next meeting

o    New business