5.1.15x CSSSet Type

The CSSSet structure describes a set of CSS classes which this specification does not require the Consumer to support, but which are used by the Portlet in its markup.

 [R] QName cssSetName
 [R] string mimeType
 [R] URI ruleDefinitions
 [O] boolean requiresConsumerProxy
 [O] Extension extensions


5.1.16 PortletDescription Type

The PortletDescription structure contains a set of fields that provide the metadata to describe the Portlet as well as any clones of the Portlet.

 [R] Handle portletHandle
 [R] MarkupType markupTypes[]
 [O] ID groupID
 [O] LocalizedString description
 [O] LocalizedString shortTitle
 [O] LocalizedString title
 [O] LocalizedString displayName
 [O] LocalizedString keywords[]
 [O] ID portletID
 [O] QName publishedEvents[]
 [O] QName handledEvents[]
 [O] ParameterDescription navigationalParameterDescriptions[]
 [O] CSSSets additionalCSS[]
 [O] string userCategories[]
 [O] string userProfileItems[]
 [O] boolean usesMethodGet
 [O] boolean defaultMarkupSecure
 [O] boolean onlySecure
 [O] boolean userContextStoredInSession
 [O] boolean templatesStoredInSession
 [O] boolean hasUserSpecificState
 [O] boolean doesUrlTemplateProcessing
 [O] boolean mayReturnPortletState
 [O] Extension extensions