FPSC Agenda 20030522 - 17:00UTC (13:00EDT/10:00PDT) - DRAFT

$Date: 2003/05/20 13:55:58 $(UTC)

Table of Contents

1. Roll call and quorum
2. Agenda
3. Minutes of the last meeting
4. Membership
5. Web site
6. Reports of standing committees
7. Outstanding action items
8. Agenda items
9. Action items
10. Future meetings
11. Adjournment

1.  Roll call and quorum

Voting members expected in attendance (alphabetical) at the teleconference; a quorum of four of the seven members is needed:

  • G. Ken Holman (chair)

  • Jean McInerney

  • Jodi Narel

  • Sue Probert

  • Gunther Stuhec

  • Dan Vint

Voting members having sent regrets:

  • Eric Smith

Observing members who may be in attendance (alphabetical) at the teleconference:

  • Zachary Alexander

  • Chee-Kai Chin

  • Monica Martin

  • Bill Parducci

  • Jim Wilson

If voting members are unable to attend, please inform the chair before the meeting begins. This notification need not arrive until a few days before the meeting begins and can be privately sent to the chair (be sure to include "UBL" somewhere in the subject or body of the private message, please).

2.  Agenda

Please forward before the meeting any suggestions for agenda changes. This document will be republished repeatedly as new items get added.

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are posted at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/1664/minutes-20030417.htm.

4.  Membership

At this time, I believe sufficient time has been vested for all members who have indicated to me that they want to be voting members of FPSC. All those listed above as voting members have been recorded in the committee roster accordingly. If I have inadvertently recorded you as not wanting to be voting in the list of observers above, yet you wish to be, please let me know.

5.  Web site

I have observed when citing documents that there are two ways to cite the same document: a private committee member only way and a publicly open way. This requires us, when writing documents that cite other documents, to be diligent regarding selecting the publicly open way in the citations to ensure a public reader of the document has access to the cited information. For example, the minutes of the meeting above are correctly cited to the public rendition. The private committee rendition is http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ubl-fpsc/download.php/1664/minutes-20030417.htm and this form should not be used in citations. Please try to keep this in mind when writing.

Further to 20030417-Action2, I have posted http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/1810/fpscdoc-20030429-2000z.zip containing the methodology and stylesheets for creating FPSC documents. Please note that the minutes cited above predate these recommendations and were not produced according to the proposals. This agenda, however, has been produced using the tools.

6.  Reports of standing committees

We don’t yet have any standing committees.

7.  Outstanding action items

20030417-Action1 - Jean - posting of links

20030417-Action2 - Ken - documentation

20030417-Action3 - Unassigned - response to LCSC for disposition of comment

20030417-Action4 - Ken - liaise with eDocs

8.  Agenda items

20030522-Agenda1 - Review of UBL Face to Face in London

  • inviting comments from attendees

20030522-Agenda2 - Formal acceptance of FPSC charter

20030522-Agenda3 - Project plan to proceed

9.  Action items

A review of all action items both from before the meeting and established during the meeting.

10.  Future meetings

The next teleconference will be May 29, 2003.

11.  Adjournment

Meetings will be held to less than an hour's length.