ebXML Messaging TC Teleconference Minutes February 4, 2009


Ian Jones                      Chair
Ric Emery

Jacques Durand

Sander Fieten

Dale Moberg

Pim van der Eijk


Timothy Bennett

Iwasa Kazunori


The agenda / meeting calling notice is available at:



Actions from Previous meeting







Matters arising from actions



Agenda Review

No changes


Approval of previous Minutes

No Previous minutes were approved.


Version 3.0 work

Part 2: Advanced features

No new drafts had been posted this week.  Jacque commented, that after the last 2 weeks of discussion some of the comments need to be included in the next draft and the re-reviewed.  Jacques had posted a comment back to the list just before the call and added that Issue 10 would result in changes that affected and mostly addressed several issues.  He also suggested that the restriction suggested may be too restrictive and the MPC and sequence may want to be reused.  A lengthy discussion took place on exactly how the MPC, Pmode, and header values would interact as part of the routing functionality in the intermediary.  Until the next revision was complete it was difficult to ensure commonality of understand exists.  Jacque repeat his comment from the previous week that the diagram need ed to be checked and updated to reflect the large number of changes (some small) that had taken place through the entire document since Pim posted his examples over the holidays.


AS4-SC Report

This week’s call spent some time discussing the filename in the header but this is looking less likely and may not be required as this may lead to unnecessary security issue.  Also a discussion on the receipt and additional notes above the core V3 specification details concluded that the proposals need to be documented in the draft to ensure consensus had been reached.

Actions and issues

No new issues.



Call Schedule & details

Next call February 11, 2:30 USA Pacific time, (10:30pm UK(GMT/UTC), 11:30 CET, 7:30am Japan (Thursday)) – Call details are: Tel. +1-218-486-8700 pass code 120905.