Issues List

1.      Where does the implementation of a request get defined?

2.      What’s in protocol ‘V’ implementation guidelines, how do we define this?

3.      How do we ensure that SPML provides a lightweight protocol to allow for minimal implementations for lightweight RA and minimal PST’s?

4.      Do we need to define attributes and specific actions separately?  This comes from the requirement to do CIM like operations through SPML.  An example given was to execute a re-boot.  Is it right that a PST may implement an action based on a data attribute <attribute name=status value=reboot> or should there be “normalized” out to be recognized operations in the protocol?

5.      Do we need a transaction object in our object model?

6.      Do we need an understanding of an order in the context of service delivery?  It is recognized that the charter specifically calls this notion out of scope, but will we end up with the same concept by the time we have worked through the requirements?