ebXML Messaging TC Teleconference Minutes July 22, 2009


Ian Jones Chair

Timothy Bennett

Sander Fieten

Dale Moberg

Makesh Rao (New member)


Jacques Durand

Iwasa Kazunori

Pim van der Eijk

Ric Emery Leave of absence


The agenda / meeting calling notice is available at:



Actions from Previous meeting







Matters arising from actions



Agenda Review

No changes


Approval of previous Minutes

No Previous minutes were approved.


Version 3.0 work

Part 2: Advanced features

Ian reviewed the current status for Makesh and Dale to keep everyone up to date with developments.

AS4-SC Report

Timothy has not made any updates to the spec yet but expects to very soon. Also Makesh has sent some questions that Timothy will address on the mailing list.

Actions and issues

Makesh to inform Ian if no e-mails are received from the mailing list as he had re-subscribed to be able to post to the lists.


Sander asked if we could move the call to an earlier time. Ian suggested that we wait for Jacques to be available to discuss this.

Call Schedule & details

Next call July 29, 2:30 USA Pacific time, (10:30pm UK(BST), 23:30 CET, 6:30am Japan (Thursday)) Call details are: Tel. +1-218-486-8700 pass code 120905.