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This page is a copy of the documents, minutes and press sections of the old top page of the OASIS Business Transactions Technical Committee webpages before the transfer to Kavi. All the documents in the old TC website have remained in their original locations, but not all were transferred to the Kavi-controlled document repository. Since some contain cross-links to each other, and uploading them to the kavi document repository would take some time, this page has been provided - the links in this document are all absolute. Important documents, including the Committee Specification and the Primer approved in May 2002 have been uploaded. New documents will appear only in the current BT TC document repository (uri for public access), (uri for committee members). No links to new documents have been added in editting this page, just the revision and correction of the old links, and links to the same document when it is present in the new repository.


Committee Specification BTP 1.0

The Committee Specification is the formal definition of the BTP protocol and messages. It is intended for implementors and system evaluators.

The definitive text of the specification is the pdf text - the same document is in the current document repository.

The three xml schemas contained in the specification are also available as separate files:

Perceived errors in or suggested changes to the specification can be sent to the main BT TC mailing list.

BTP Primer

The BTP Primer provides an introduction to BTP, defines the landscape for use, and defines the major terms and concepts. It is intended for CTOs,architects, and technical managers.

The BTP Primer version 1.0 is available in html and pdf format The pdf document is in the current document repository.

Interim and supporting documents

Requirements: Scope and Requirements, Actors & Terminology (incorporating Mode Overview) (Announcement message)

Use cases for the Business Transaction Protocol ( Announcement message)

Relationship to workflow : Business Transactions in Workflow and Business Process Management

Initial submissions

Additional submission

Draft specifications

Drafts of the BTP specification prior to the approval of Committee Specification 1.0 are accessible here.

Issues lists

There are two active issues lists. The official current versions of these will be in the TC document repository.

The issues list used in the development of Committee Specification 1.0 is now closed. Issues that were resolved in that list as "deferred" have been included in the extensions issues list.

Schedule and Minutes


Having completed the BTP 1.0 Committee Specification, the committee is now considering extensions and enhancements to BTP, and the maintenance of the specification in the light of implementation and deployment experience.

At the moment, the committee does not have a regular meeting schedule. Meetings are announced on the main list.

Minutes (of meetings up to the end of 2002)


External links in this section may no longer be valid, and the content is not the responsibility of the BT TC

"The Business Transaction Protocol"
By Tyler Jewell, BEA Systems
Web Services Journal, October 2001

"Making Web Services work"
By Jim Webber, Victor Corrales, Mark Little and Savas Parastatidis
        Hewlett-Packard Arjuna Lab
Application Development Advisor, November/December 2001

The Smart Money's on OASIS BTP
By Jim Webber
guest editorial in May 2002 Web Services Journal.

Presentations on BTP at OMG Web Services Workshop

The following presentations were made at the OMG Web Services workshop at San Jose, 4-7th March 2002.

Presentation on BTP at JavaOne, March 2002

Beyond the Stock Quote:BTP, the Long and Short IT (Internet Transactions) Mark Potts, Talking Blocks and Mark Little, HP

Additional material

The following material has been made available by companies participating in the BTP TC. Copyright in the material is retained by the hosting company

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