OData TC meeting #75 Thursday Jun 12, 2014

Acting chair: Ram

Chat transcript from room: odatatc
2014-06-12 0800-1000 PDT

1. Roll call

1.1 Members present

        Susan Malaika (IBM)
        Edmond Bourne (BlackBerry)
        Gerald Krause (SAP AG)
        Hubert Heijkers (IBM)
        John Willson (Individual)
        Ken Baclawski (Northeastern University)
        Mark Biamonte (Progress Software)
        Matthew Borges (SAP AG) a.k.a. Matt
        Michael Pizzo (Microsoft) a.k.a. Mike
        Ram Jeyaraman (Microsoft)
        Stefan Drees (Individual)
        Susan Malaika (IBM)
        Martin Zurmuehl (SAP AG)

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2. Approve agenda

Agenda approved as published.

3. Approve minutes from previous meeting(s)

3.1 Minutes from June 12, 2014 TC meeting:

URL=from June 12, 2014 TC meeting#74

Minutes approved unchanged as published

4. Review action items

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4.1 Action items due by June 12, 2014


5. Process issues

OData v4 Errata issues in New or Open state:


Proposed is to collect this to be resolved in a grouped motion


Mike presents "Clarify rules around handling of custom query options when building URLs" to the group
Proposed wording: In many cases OData services return URLs to identify resources that are later requested by clients. Where possible, interoperability is enhanced by providing all identifying information in the path portion of the URL. However, clients should be prepared for such URLs to include custom query options and propogate any such custom query options in future requests for the identified resource.


Introduced by Mike to the group. Proposed wording for 697: "Entities created by an Insert request within a change set can be referenced by subsequent requests within the same change set in places where a resource path to an existing entity can be specified. The temporary resource path for a newly inserted entity is the value of the Content-ID header prefixed with a $ character. If $<content-id> is identical to the name of a top-level system resource ($batch, $crossjoin, $all, $entity, $root, $id, $metadata, or other system resources defined according to the OData-Version of the protocol specified in the request), then the reference to the top-level system resource is used."


Mike suggests to open ODATA-544 but then explains, that as agreed last week we will simply just fix it
Stefan seconds
Mike suggests to consider ODATA-544 and then close ODATA-693 with no action.
All agree that we will address the topic as ODATA-693


Mike summarizes.
Here is what we can do today:
<Annotations Target="myschema.myentitytype/mynavproperty"/>
Here is what we want to do:
<Annotations Target="myschema.mycontainer/myentityset/mynavproperty"/>
Here is part of the proposed wording change:
QualifiedName of an entity container followed by a segment containing an entity set name and zero or more property, navigation property, or type segments
SampleSchema.SampleEntityContainer/SampleEntitySet [/SampleSchema.SampleEntityType] ( /SampleProperty[/SampleSchema.SampleComplexType] | /SampleNavigationProperty[/SampleSchema.SampleEntityType] | )*

Mike suggests to revisit ODATA-685 "Prepare clients in 4.0 to deal with nav property binding on containmnet"

Mike walks all through a document (shared in a live session) explaining problems and resolutions in the context of ODATA-700 related part3-csdl current editor draft

Hubert states example:

<EntityType Name="Hierarchy">
<PropertyRef Name="Name"/>
<Property Name="Name" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>
<NavigationProperty Name="Elements" Type="Collection(ibm.tm1.api.v1.Element)" Partner="Hierarchy" ContainsTarget="true"/>
<NavigationProperty Name="Subsets" Type="Collection(ibm.tm1.api.v1.Subset)" Partner="Hierarchy" ContainsTarget="true"/>
<EntityType Name="Element">
<PropertyRef Name="Name"/>
<Property Name="Name" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>
<EntityType Name="Subset" tm1lural="Subsets">
<PropertyRef Name="Name"/>
<Property Name="Name" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>
<NavigationProperty Name="Elements" Type="Collection(ibm.tm1.api.v1.Element)"/>

Mike: I move we resolve ODATA-699, ODATA-698, ODATA-697, ODATA-693, ODATA-700, and OData-685 as proposed.

Hubert seconds

No discussion, no objection, motion passes unanimously

6. Next meeting planned for Jun, 26 2014


7. AOB


Meeting adjourned at 10:09 PDT