ATTENDEES: Matt, Chris, Luc, Sahdev, John

Chris reviewed his outline and prose for discussion of artifact treatment processing.

Luc provided hist views on how to view this in term of where Compute/hosts are that the artifacts are to run on.

Matt shared his view of artifacts are either run relative (on) the actual topology or on a inferred topology/server elsewhere.

Matt added we need an up front sentence or two to say what the chapter is for and also we should in each section ack. what things we have today in the existing spec. that we use/can build upon.

Chris indicated its also about the inputs/credentials/data/params the orchestrator needs to configure/setup the external processor server needs

Luc indicates he already has use cases and Nodes in their product that subclass Compute and reference other configs/settings/impls

Matt suggested we should stick to the 3-part framework and capture all existing text under it (an outline/structure) 1) artifact processing within topology (or part of an abstract host) 2) in external topology 3) discuss data exchange the orch. facilitates

Chris will post a new WD to the TC with the new text and allow Luc/Matt to edit/comment.

Matt shared updates to 1.1 and 1.2 (copy paste errors and 1 alias problem with Container capability)

Shared possible changes the NFV work may have us look at (early look) around VDUs