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ebXML Registry will become for the semantic web what web servers are to the web today

Meeting Minutes :  May 4 2004

Attendees : Farrukh, Jeff, Carl, Nikola
Minutes (just brief bullets not full transcript ) Agenda :

  • Inference use cases (Jeff Pollock)
  • Jef led group through the document.
  • Focus of discussion was "Reason on Reg/Rep Schema Directly (Loose Binding with OWL)" (aka inferencing option 3)
  • Jeff described that T-Box inferencing as "Taxonomic" inferencing based upon inter-class relationships and A-Box inferencing is based upon "Associative" inferencing based upon instance (aka individual) properties. He mentioned that OWL does not have good support for A-Box inferencing. We did not get details on "why" as he had to leave early.
  • Jeff mentioned 3 areas that will be a challenge in "inferencing option 3"
    • Defining the binding between OWL Schema and ebXML RIM. It is expected that the mapping would be lossless (all of OWL could be expressed in RIM)
    • Defining binding between OWL queries and RIM queries
    • Defining a binding between RDF triples and RIM so that we can export RDF triples based upon RIM instances
  • Abstract on SCM SC work for XML 2004 (Carl / All)
    • Decided on submitting an abstract titled something like "Managing Medical Ontologies using OWL and ebXML Registry"
    • The paper would be based upon Mayo Clinic's existing deployement of freebXML Registry
    • Assume that Mayo Clinic will work with SCM SC to evolve their deployment as our work solidifies over the course of the year
    • Assume that freebXML Registry project will work with SCM SC to evolve their implementation to support our works in progress
    • Farrukh will contact Dr. Peter Elkin to get him involved in SCM SC and the paper
  • Update from OASIS Symposium (Farrukh, Carl)
    • Dr. Peter Elkin of Mayo Clinic peresented how Mayo uses freebXMl Registry 2.1 to manage OWL Ontologies. The approach is similar to what Dr. Dojac presented to SCM SC in March
    • US Center for Desease Control presented on how they are using ebXML Messaging. Interested in ebXML Registry and SCM SC
    • Farrukh presented on "Requirements for Epidemic Information Management". By coincidence ;-) ebXML Registry met most requirements.
    • OASIS will be creating an ehalth TC where ebXML Registry and SCM SC work will be very applicable
    • Carl presented in a Metadata Management panel and introduced SCM SC work
Decisions (bullet items) :
  • Will use Mayo Clinic deployment of freebXML Registry as basis for a paper (assuming they are willing)
Agenda Action Items / Issues (with owner, Due date)
  • Farrukh: Talk to Peter Elkin to get him on board with XML 2004 paper abstract involving SCM SC work deployed at Mayo Clinic. (Due 5/7).
  • All: If you are a Member and not Observer please make sure you send regrets if you are unable to attend. Ongoing
  • All: Send comments on Jeff's document via email (Due 5/18)
  • All: Send comments on DAWG requirements via email (Due 5/18)

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