OASIS Emergency Management TC


"OASIS Demonstrates Interoperability of Standards at International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Conference"
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"Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) 1.2 Receives Approval as OASIS Standard"
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"TCIP Expo Showcases OASIS Emergency Standards for Alert, Warning, Resource Management, and Hospital Coordination"
OASIS News, 1 Feb 2010

"OASIS Emergency Interoperability Summit Explores Advances in Next Generation Alert, Warning, Resource Management, and Hospital Coordination"
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"OASIS Members Form Committee to Promote Adoption of Emergency Management Standards"
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"FEMA requests comments on alert standard"
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"OASIS Approves Emergency Data Exchange Standards"
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"OASIS approves emergency data exchange standards"
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"OASIS Members Approve Emergency Data Exchange Standards for Resource Messaging and Hospital Availability"
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"FEMA Says 'Yes' to CAP 1.1"
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"FEMA close to adopting standard for emergency alerts"
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"CAP Keeps Nation Steps Ahead of Disaster"
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"U.S. National Weather Service Starts Multi-Phase CAP Improvement Project"
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"Emergency Response Community Consolidates Efforts to Advance Communications Standards at OASIS"
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"Publish critical public warnings on the Web: A standards-based approach to using the Atom Publishing Protocol to publish Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) alerts."
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"Sounding the alarm"
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"DHS and EIC Host Interoperability Demonstration of OASIS Standards for Emergency Response"
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"OASIS ratifies emergency data standard"
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"OASIS ratifies emergency data standard"
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"OASIS adopts info sharing standard for emergency responders"
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"OASIS approves new standards for emergency communications"
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"Members Approve Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) v1.1 as OASIS Standard"
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"Don't wait until the Big One hits"
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"Justice issues fusion center guidelines"
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"Agencies move to fine-tune emergency XML"
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"OASIS Advances Common Alerting Protocol and Emergency Data Exchange Language"
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"Inching Forward"
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"OASIS Interoperability Demos Showcase CAP, ebXML, WS-Reliability, WS-CAF, and WSRP at XML 2004"
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"First responders seek common lingo--XML serves as base of new language"
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"Federal Government XML Implementation"
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"FCC: Alert system so last century"
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"Linux in Government: DHS Secretary Ridge Gives the Go Ahead to Linux"
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"RAINS Shows How Clusters Can Work"
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"OASIS Ratifies Common Alerting Protocol"
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"OASIS Ratifies Alert Messaging Protocol"
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"OASIS ratifies Common Alerting Protocol"
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"One World, One Alert Messaging Protocol"
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"Common Alerting Protocol - CAP - Ratified as OASIS Standard"
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"This Is NOT A Test: OASIS OKs Notification Standard For Emergencies"
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"Common Alerting Protocol Ratified as OASIS Standard"
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"Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Ratified as OASIS Standard"
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"Partnership for Public Warning"
21 Apr 2004

"Common Alerting Protocol Version 1.0 Approved by OASIS Emergency Management TC."
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"An Emerging Standard for Emergency Interoperability?"
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"Public Comment Draft for the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)"
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"Frederick County, Maryland Selects Blue292 for Homeland Security Solution"
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"XML group to help first responders"
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12 May 2003

"OASIS Members Form Emergency Management Technical Committee"
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