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* Bi-Weekly WS-Federation TC Meeting (Conference Call)
Name * Bi-Weekly WS-Federation TC Meeting (Conference Call)
Time Tuesday, 28 October 2008, 10:00am to 11:00am EDT
(Tuesday, 28 October 2008, 02:00pm to 03:00pm UTC)
Description Bi-Weekly TC Meeting

If an operator asks for bridge info, please state Bridge Identifier: ESN 329-0170
Calling from the US :
North Carolina +1-919-905-0033
Massachusetts +1-978-288-4793
Texas +1-972-362-0170
California +1-408-495-5113
Calling from Canada:
Ottawa +1-613-763-0170
Toronto/Brampton +1-905-863-9705
Montreal +1-514-818-3524
Calgary +1-403-769-5487
Passcode: 393 5229#

We are grateful to Nortel for sponsoring this call
The meeting will also have access to an online chat room at:
Agenda 1. Call to order
- Verify Minute Taker
- Roll Call
- Reminder: Online Chat Room
2. Reading/Approving minutes from October 14, 2008 [1]
3. TC Logistics
- Reminder: Next scheduled meeting in 2 weeks November 11, 2008
4. Issues list [2]
- Actions
- Marc Goodner to write a draft response for PR0002 and circulate.
- Tony Nadalin to investigate the old and new XML Signature Syntax and Processing specs and old/new Canonicalization specs to determine if a revision of the existing references or if new references are appropriate in order to maintain backwards compatibility. (See PR0003.)
- Don Schmidt to create and distribute a draft response for PR0001.
- Mike McIntosh to create and distribute a draft response for PR0003.
- Issues
5. Other business
6. Roll Call Additions
7. Adjournment

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsfed/200810/msg00005.html
[2] http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsfed/issues/Issues.xml

Submitter Mr Michael McIntosh
GroupOASIS Web Services Federation (WSFED) TC
Access This event is visible to OASIS Web Services Federation (WSFED) TC and shared with
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