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* Regular SC meeting (1st Tues) (Conference Call)
Name * Regular SC meeting (1st Tues) (Conference Call)
Time Tuesday, 06 September 2011, 05:00pm to 06:00pm WEST
(Tuesday, 06 September 2011, 04:00pm to 05:00pm UTC)

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 XLIFF Promotion and Liaison SC Meeting Minutes


September 6, 2011


David, Arle, Bryan, Lucía


0/ Breaking news – not originally on agenda


1/ Linport Report by Arle Lommel

Linport started in Danvres, MA [last LISA event]

Focus: Project metadata, Translation Guidance specification, IATF like work model

Participants: Ltac – Alan Melby’s not for profit hosts it, GALA,  Alan’s Research Group

(E)DGT – merged their efforts with the Danvers group

Open for anyone - Linport.org – Instructions how to join

Linport Symposium

Arle  Probably going to 1st Linport Symposium

27th in LUX


Sending e-mail, Jörg, Andrzej,

Relation to XLIFF

XLIFF could be the payload of this higher level protocol

But including Photoshop e.g. for analysis

Overlap with Interoperability Now!

Bryan: Unicode as analogy [we do not need to bother what Linport does, as it is higher level]

Still, container notion might become competing

Arle: different

One of the representations is a zip filer but also web representation

Arle would report if overlap arises

AI Arle: Report if Overlap arises

3/ XLIFF Symposium

Continued activity. David contacted Kirti asking for help.

2/ Relationship with LISA OSCAR successor standards

Arle and David report: Patrick says that the only way is join on behalf of employer.

This person can be later designated as XLIFF liaison, but still be bound with ETSI confidentiality.

Bryan will inquire with Tektronix if he can join ISG LIS

AI Bryan: Inquire with Tektronix

Arle: ETSI have a good IPR model,  they ask at the start of each meeting if anyone has IPR to disclose.

Next meeting in November, probably

Bryan to inform the SC if he was able to join on behalf of Tectronics. If this proves possible David will submit it as XLIFF TC agenda point.

Arle: GALA also hosts the LISA standards under Creative Commons, Attribution 3.0

Arle: I agree that FRAND is dangerous, problematic,

Patents must be declared upfront

Arle: No way to have different official IPR Trying to push an informal policy

MOU between ETSI and OASIS. Arle to report more on the MOU

4/ ULI relationship

David asked Arle again to circulate the segmentation character proposal

AI Arle: Circulate the proposal


Meeting adjourned.

* XLIFFP&LSC_Meeting_20110906.docx (16K)

1) Linport - Arle (or anyone who knows szg) could you please report on stakeholders, WIP, etc. Discuss XLIFF position/AI towards Linport 2) Relationship to LISA OSCAR standards and their successors good progress - will continue 3) XLIFF Symposium some AIs - will continue addressing till Sep 28, 2011 4) ULI relationship Arle will circulate to xliff list his segmentation character proposal David will continue reporting on ULI as the liaison 5) LT-Web relationship 6) ISO TC 37 relationship I want to cover 1)-3) the rest is nice to have.. and most of thepoints will anyway need attention on rolling basis.

Submitter Dr. David Filip
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