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* Conference call (Conference Call)
Name * Conference call (Conference Call)
Time Thursday, 18 July 2013, 12:00pm to 01:00pm PDT
(Thursday, 18 July 2013, 07:00pm to 08:00pm UTC)

Host confcall: Fujitsu

US Toll Free: 877-995-3314

US Toll/International: 210-339-1806

Passcode: 9589308


1.      Admin

          - approval minutes June 13 (to be uploaded ),

2. Review of the latest complete candidates CSD for the 4 profiles (see current BP1.2, BP2.0, RSP1.0, BSP1.1).

          - see posts from Tom Rutt 6/28 (fixing the issue previously discussed about conformance claims w/r to conformance clauses)

          - BSP1.1 : conservative approach: no description of conformance claims (none before).

3.       Test Assertions:

          - Review of the proposed XML adjunct files, and the HTML rendering  (Tom Rutt)

4.       Follow-up on the proposal to process the tools separately (donate to an OSS project) yet to retain authority on conformance criteria in the TC.

- what tools have to be donated, what preferred OSS hosting?

Submitter Mr. Jacques Durand
GroupOASIS Web Services Basic Reliable and Secure Profiles (WS-BRSP) TC
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