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* Inaugural meeting
Name * Inaugural meeting
Time Monday, 16 December 2019, 05:00pm to 06:00pm CET
(Monday, 16 December 2019, 04:00pm to 05:00pm UTC)



- Call to Order and Welcome

Chet and dF welcomed the members and called the meeting to order. Convenor (dF) took over the meeting calling on Chet to facilitate roll call and Chair election

- Volunteer for Note Taking


- Roll Call

X Dr. Thomas Eckart, ASV

X Dirk Goldhahn, ASV

X Patrick Durusau, Individual

X Tomaž Erjavec, Jozef Stefan Institute

<absent> Iztok Kosem, Jozef Stefan Institute

X Simon Krek, Jozef Stefan Institute

<absent> Ilan Kernerman, K Dictionaries Ltd

X Dr. Miloš Jakubíček, Lexical Computing CZ s.r.o.

X Dr. David Filip, Trinity College Dublin (ADAPT) 

Absent founding members lost their initial voting right that can be regained according to the TC process (by attending two quorum meeetings in sequence)..

- Nominations for Chair/Co-Chairs

Tomaž Erjavec self-nominated 

- Election of Chair or Co-Chairs
  Chair eleceted unanimously following Chet's motion.

Tomaž took over the meeting and asked Chet to present:  

- Welcome from OASIS Staff- Discussion of Contributed Work

Chet used the attached presentation on OASIS TC process

- Tomaž and Chet clarified that public reviews are indeed as wide as possible and publicly available for commenters outside of the TC and OASIS.

- Also it was clarified that comments necessiating material changes require another round of public review. Only a technically stable specification can be approved as Committee Specification, which is safe to implement becuase it cannot undergoe any material changes through COS and OS approval stages. It was also clarified that at least one of the required 3 Statements of Use (SOU, required to progress from CS to COS) needs to come from an OASIS member, implementations are encouraged from inside and outside of the TC.

- Patrick noted that according to charter and announcment text ELEXIS consortium is expected to contribute their work on the lexicographic data model. Patrick asked how this was possible w/o Elexis being a LEXIDMA TC member. Chet noted in response that non-members can still contribute through the TC's comment list. dF explained that the ELEXIS consortium doesn't have legal entity and that IJS (TC member) is ELEXIS coordinator and has the necessary rights to contribute the ELEXIS deliverables as preliminary technical work to the LEXIDMA TC.

- Assignment of Other Responsibilities
Tomaž appointed dF as his Secretary. dF accepted.

dF asked Simon to briefly motivate the need for lexicographic data model as worked on within the ELEXIS consortium.

Simon explained the need for serialization independent data model and mappings with current serialization driven formats used in the fragmented lexicographic practice (retrodigitized dictionaries, modern dictionaries, corpora, across geographies and languages, etc.), he expained about the need for mappings with Ontolex, TEI Lex-0, LMF

dF lead a bried discussion about the chartered deliverables


The first deliverable on the Standard track (DMLex) should conain at least the 3 features listed above, and at most all 6 of the listed features (including the Ontolex and TEI Lex-0 mappings).. dF said the main purpose of the common data model was semantic interoperability among various serializations and formats, and that the Conveners strived to make the TC charter globally relevant and attractive, to aim for a "One World" standard.. Tomaž noted that the data model work should comprise 75%-80% of the technical work, while serializations and mappings should come along easily..

dF moved to intiate work on Data model for Lexicograpy (DMLex), Version 1.0

Seconded by Patrick

Motion approved unanimously

Simon Krek and dF self-nominated as Co-Editors for DMLex, Version 1.0

dF mandated to request document model from OASIS Admin (Chet)

Editors to make decision about the editting format, more co-editors welcome to join as the work progresses..

- Confirmation of Meeting Schedule

Present time, Monday 1600 UTC seems to be working for most provided it will keep to 1 hour. Tomaž proposed to run a Doodle for a fixed time meeting to be used for at least monthly working meetings througout 2020.. 

dF mandated to run the Doodle poll and post it to the working list.

- Any other business


- Tomaž adjourned the meeting


- Call to Order and Welcome

- Volunteer for Note Taking

- Roll Call 

- Nominations for Chair/Co-Chairs 

- Election of Chair or Co-Chairs
  After the election, the chair takes over running the meeting . 

- Welcome from OASIS Staff
  This is the optional 20 minute presentation from me on the OASIS process for creating specs. If it isn't convenient to do it at the first meeting, you can always ask me to do it later

- Discussion of Contributed Work

- Assignment of Other Responsibilities
  This is generally done if you want to appoint a Secretary and / or Editor at the first meeting. 

- Confirmation of Meeting Schedule

- Any other business

- Adjourn 

Submitter Dr. Milos Jakubicek
GroupOASIS Lexicographic Infrastructure Data Model and API (LEXIDMA) TC
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