OASIS Conformance TC

This TC was originally formed in 1999 before the current OASIS TC Process was created, so there is no original Call For Participation.

The charter for this TC was last modified on 20 July 2001; this change was announced at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200107/msg00003.html

The charter for this TC is as follows.


OASIS Conformance Technical Committee (TC)

Statement of Purpose

The OASIS Conformance TC defines and develops conformance requirements, guidelines, white papers, and methodologies to enable the development of testable specifications and conforming implementations. Further, the Conformance TC provides conformance guidance to OASIS TCs, membership, and the public in the form of assistance and liaisons with external forums.

The TC serves as a central source of information about conformance and conformance related topics. It provides 'corporate knowledge' of past conformance efforts as well as provides guidance and assistance to ongoing conformance efforts. The TC fosters communication and collaboration among those developing specifications, conformance test suites and conformance testing programs.

The TC will cooperate closely with other OASIS TCs, W3C, and ebXML WGs of UN/CEFACT. It is important that we, as a community, leverage current and future efforts in developing conformance test suites, as well as promoting efforts to ensure clear, unambiguous, testable specifications that can be implemented in a consistent and correct manner.

As part of its efforts the Conformance TC will:

  • Address conformance requirements for ebXML and OASIS specifications
  • Develop guidelines for building conformance test suites and criteria for accepting them from outside organizations
  • Provide conformance resources consisting of such items as documents, presentations, and pointers to conformance test suites and tools
  • Coordinate TC activities with other technical committees and working groups operating within OASIS and ebXML WGs of UN/CEFACT
  • Provide conformance expertise to other OASIS technical committee as requested
  • Proactively engage with related activities in external forums, such as W3C Quality Assurance (QA) Activity

List of Deliverables

The initial deliverable is a conformance requirement document for OASIS specifications as well as one for ebXML specifications. The ebXML conformance requirement document will be a special case of the OASIS document. The base documents will be the ebXML specifications and the documents listed on the TCs web page. Participation from other OASIS committees will be solicited and all documents will be coordinated with the relevant committees.

Additional deliverables include:

  • guideline for developing and/or submitting conformance test suites
  • guideline for developing a conformance testing program online conformance resource and reference to documents,
  • presentations, FAQs, etc. related to conformance and conformance related topics.