OASIS Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) TC

IPR member counter for OASIS Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) TC, generated on May 22, 2024, 8:17 am

This page is an automated counter to track TC participation statistics that may be relevant under the current OASIS IPR Policy. The counter tracks the number of cumulative days that OASIS members have participated in a specific TC, after the 15 April 2005 enactment date of the current Policy. Until mid-2007, OASIS TCs may operate under either that policy or, in some cases, the prior legacy policy.

These counters are relevant to TCs operating under the current IPR Policy, because it obligates OASIS members whose representatives have served as a TC member for 60 cumulative days or more to make certain licenses available. This table is an automated cumulative counter for that obligation. However, the data in this table depends on maintenance of the rosters by the TC, and may lag or vary from actual participation, so it is subject to correction by definitive documentation.

Name Type Count
Cimetrics Inc.Company0
Cisco SystemsCompany2825
Cognizant Technology SolutionsCompany0
Cryptsoft Pty Ltd.Company0
dc-square GmbHCompany1515
Disaster Relief Communications FoundationCompany522
Eclipse FoundationCompany0
Emerson Process ManagementCompany0
EMQ Technologies Co., Ltd.Company1513
Espotel OyCompany0
Eurotech S.p.A.Company0
Feron Technologies P.C.Company316
Ford Motor CompanyCompany0
Forgerock Inc.Company0
HiveMQ GmbHCompany1310
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Company342
INETCO Systems Ltd.Company0
Landis & GyrCompany0
Lantronix, Inc.Company0
LogMeIn Inc.Company0
LSI CorporationCompany0
Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2MI) CorporationCompany0
MachineShop, Inc.Company0
Mitre CorporationCompany1058
NineFX, Inc.Company1938
Octavo LabsCompany755
Red HatCompany0
Simon JohnsonCompany70
Software AGCompany1886
Solace SystemsCompany2293
Telit Communications S.p.A.Company0
Thingstream AGCompany729
TIBCO Software Inc.Company1133
Tuya Global Inc.Company368
u-blox AGCompany1100
VMware, Inc.Company0
Banks, AndrewIndividual250
Cohn, RaphaelIndividual402
Cox, WilliamIndividual2789
Craggs, IanIndividual1586
Hagen, StefanIndividual2104
Huston, SteveIndividual0
Janssen, GershonIndividual943
Kritikos, AlexIndividual2122
Nipper, ArlenIndividual0
Wyatt, T.Individual0