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IHEOS - Secure cross-enterprise document exchange (XDS) using ebXML Registry
ebXML Forum, 11 June 2005

Get familiar with ebXML Registry: Learn the basics about the ebXML Registry standard
JavaWorld, 25 April 2005

OASIS Approves ebXML Registry Version 3.0 Committee Draft for Public Review
CoverPages, 14 Feb 2005

OASIS Interoperability Demos Showcase CAP, ebXML, WS-Reliability, WS-CAF, and WSRP at XML 2004
OASIS News, 19 Nov 2004

ebXML Registry Specifications Now Available in French

"ISO Approves ebXML OASIS Standards"
29 Mar 2004

The Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor du Québec has translated ebXML Registry Information Model v2.1 and ebXML Registry Services Specification v2.1 into French as a service to the community. OASIS gratefully acknowledges the Secrétariat for its contributions to the widespread adoption of international standards.

ebXML Registry Specifications Advance: New version 2.5 supports federated registries, HTTP interactions, content management, enhanced authentication
ebXML Forum
24 June 2003

freebXML Website Launched

New OASIS Standards Approved -- Directory Services Markup Language, ebXML Registry Service, and ebXML Registry Information Model
29 May 2002

OASIS Signs Off on Directory and e-Business Services
InfoWorld 29 May 2002

CECID Launches Test Site of OASIS ebXML V2 Registry Reference Implementation
8 April 2002

OASIS Releases New ebXML Specs
Internet News, 30 Jan 2002

OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee Approves Updated Specs
EMarketect, 30 Jan 2002

Korea Trade Network (KTNET) Provides First ebXML RegRep Service in POC Version in Korea

"Leaders of the DISA Registry Initiative Issue Call for Participation"