OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

Modified by the OASIS Board of Directors on 22 September 2015

Modified by the OASIS Board of Directors on 9 November 2010

Modified by the OASIS Board of Directors on 19 May 2009

Modified by the OASIS Board of Directors on 12 April 2006

Approved by the OASIS Board of Directors on 12 March 2004

The purpose of the OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is to advise the OASIS Board of Directors (Board), Staff, and Membership on matters related to the technical agenda of OASIS. TAB does not make any binding decisions on the actions of OASIS.

Work of the TAB

TAB work consists of:

  1. Providing technical advice to the Board and Staff.
  2. Improving the standards development process and standards quality though development of documents and educational materials, either as requested or to meet needs as identified by the TAB. This includes aspects of the Liaison policy involved in promulgating OASIS Standards to external bodies.
  3. Development of processes to improve community and collaboration between Technical Committees and to increase the benefits to and satisfaction of members in their development participation and to remove barriers to fuller participation.
  4. Provide guidance, evaluation, and direction to the technology-based systems and services maintained by OASIS to support the OASIS mission.

An annual work plan prepared by the TAB will be approved by the Board.

Composition of the TAB

The TAB consists of five voting members. Four "at-large" members, none of whom may also be OASIS Directors, are elected by a vote of the OASIS membership. At-large TAB Members serve two-year terms, staggered so that two seats are open for election every year. Unanticipated vacancies may be filled by Board appointment.

The other voting member is the OASIS TC Administrator who also acts as the TAB chair. TAB voting authority is established solely as a mechanism to help formulate TAB recommendations to the Board and Staff.

External Interaction

The TAB is authorized to seek advice and counsel from other interested parties and invited experts as appropriate.

Participation & Attendance

TAB Voting Members are expected to participate in accordance with the TAB Participation Policy, and do so at their own or their company's expense.