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Statement of Purpose
1. Provide a public forum for discussion about the management and delivery of DITA content on the Web and how DITA relates to other web technologies.
2. Recommend strategies and guidelines to the OASIS DITA Technical Committee that promote best practices for applying DITA approaches to Web content.

1. The DITA for Web sub-committee formed in December, 2009, with a membership of 16 people from 11 companies.

2. We held an active agenda of meetings throughout 2010 and into 2011, on various topics of interest, including microformats, dynamic publishing, intelligent content, delivery to mobile devices, and role of DITA content on blogs and wikis.

3. As of Jan, 2012, we are in inactive status.

4. A number of guest experts joined us, and we recorded a number of the meetings of interest.

Here are some highlights. See our wiki pages for details on these and other sub-committee activities.
* Presentation on DITA for Mobile Devices by Kris Rockwell.
* Recording of Don Day demo meeting on his DITA wiki project.
* Meeting with John Alsopp on DITA and Microformats.
* Meeting with Michael Priestley (IBM) on DITA Semantic Ecosystem.
* Recording of Michael Beaver (IBM) demo presentation on IBM Custom Content Assembler.
* Meeting with WordPress overview by Anne Gentle.

5. We delivered an introduction and set of use cases for DITA and microformats.
* Introduction to DITA and Microformats
* Use cases for DITA and Microformats

Link to Wiki page: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/WebSubcommittee

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