LegalCiteM Legislation, Constitutions, Treaties and Parliamentary Documents SC

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Identifying the relevant features of legislation, constitutions, treaties and parliamentary documents needed for their citation.

Monica Palmirani,, Chair

Statement of Purpose:

The LegalCite Legislation subcommittee shall identify the relevant features of Legislation, constitutions, treaties and Parliamentary documents needed for their identification and description in the context of legal citations. Scope of the documents to include to be determined by the SC.

Emphasis is given on international reach, support for multiple languages, multiple jurisdictions and multiple uses. Of great importance are primary source legal materials which are most binding in nature, and which are most cited in other documents. Features are organized in identifying vs. accessory, required vs. desired, and describing the cited document vs. describing the citation(*).


1) A collection of document types and a collection of use cases outlining the types of materials and citation types that exist for these materials. These use cases should include examples from different user communities (i.e. lawyers, bureaucrats, academics, business people, general public) as well as consider different languages, and jurisdictions.

2) Overview of the scope of the SC and first list of relevant document types.

3) Full list of features relevant for the documents in scope in this SC.

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