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Collaborating to increase the demand for and availability of products that conform to the OpenDocument Format

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OASIS ODF Adoption Committee members collaborate to provide expertise and resources to educate the marketplace on the value of the OpenDocument OASIS Standard. By raising awareness of the benefits offered by ODF, now ISO/IEC 26300 (ODF V1.0), the Committee increases the demand for and availability of ODF-conforming products, resulting in a greater choice of tools and platforms and expanding the ODF community of users, suppliers, and developers. The OASIS ODF Adoption TC works closely together with the OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF) Technical Committee which defines the ODF specification.

For more information, see the TC Charter and FAQ.

Technical Work Produced by the Committee

Introductory White Paper about the OpenDocument Format - English (ODF,PDF)

Introductory White Paper about the OpenDocument Format - French (ODF,PDF)

Wiki for the OASIS OpenDocument Adoption Committee
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External Resources

OpenDocument XML.org is a community-driven site hosted by OASIS that provides reliable background information on the standard. The site also serves as a community bulletin board and directory where readers post news, ideas, opinions, and recommendations. It incorporates wiki functionality to let users work with others online and add new pages to the site. The public is encouraged to contribute content.

Mailing Lists and Comments

odf-adoption: the list used by TC members to conduct Committee work.TC membership required to post.TC members are automatically subscribed; the public may view archives.

odf-adoption-comment: a public mail list for providing input to the OASIS ODF Adoption Committee members. Send acomment or view archives.

Providing Feedback: OASIS welcomes feedback on its technical activities from potential users, developers, and others to better assure the interoperability and quality of OASIS work.