OASIS Public Administration Cloud Requirements (PACR) TC

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Developing cloud computing operational requirements for public administrations to inform procurement, auditable assurance and conformance testing, and acquisition criteria


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The first meeting of the Public Administration Cloud Requirements (PACR) TC will be held via teleconference on 28 February 2013. A chair or two co-chairs will be elected at this meeting. You may join the PACR TC at any time, but in order to gain Voting Member status as of the first meeting, you must join the TC as a Member by 21 February 2013. Contact join@oasis-open.org for more information.


Members of the OASIS Public Cloud (PACR) TC are developing a set of common required functional elements and measurable criteria or qualities that should be present in cloud computing services or installations employed by public administration entities, whether purchased, hired, or self-created and self-installed.

Deliverables of the PACR TC include published specifications for a common set of attributes and operational requirements that are relevant to public administrations, at each of the major service levels of cloud systems, and documentation of the relationships to existing open standards and published governmental specifications that supply methods of measurement and definition.

For more information on the PACR TC, see the TC Charter.


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