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Defining and maintaining a standard, XML-based framework for creating and exchanging security information between online partners


The Technical Committee was closed by Project Administration on 08 July 2023 and is no longer active. Archives of its work remain publicly accessible and are linked from this page. OASIS appreciates the efforts of all those who participated in this TC.

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SAML--Right Here, Right Now Webinar: This webinar from 25 Sept 2012 summarizes the accomplishments of the TC and discusses plans for SAML 2.1. Download the WMV or PPTX version.


The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), developed by the Security Services Technical Committee of OASIS, is an XML-based framework for communicating user authentication, entitlement, and attribute information. As its name suggests, SAML allows business entities to make assertions regarding the identity, attributes, and entitlements of a subject (an entity that is often a human user) to other entities, such as a partner company or another enterprise application.

If you are a manager looking for a high-level overview of SAML, the Executive Overview is recommended. If you are looking for a technical introduction to SAML concepts and capabilities, it is recommended to start with the Technical Overview. Additional technical information, including the complete set of SAML specifications, can be found in the knowledgebase at saml.xml.org.

For more information, see the TC Charter and FAQ.


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Technical Work Produced by the Committee

Visit the specifications page at saml.xml.org for SAML 2.0 and the other core SAML specifications produced by the SSTC.

Information about ongoing committee deliverables can be found at the SAML OASIS wiki.

External Resources

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SAML XML.org is the official community gathering place and information resource for the SAML OASIS Standard.

Mailing Lists and Comments

security-services: the list used by TC members to conduct Committee work. TC membership is required to post. TC members are automatically subscribed; the public may view archives.

saml-dev: an unmoderated, public mail list that provides an open forum for developers to exchange ideas and information on implementing the SAML OASIS Standard. Subscribe (to minimize spam, you must subscribe to these lists before posting) or view archives.

To comment on the work of the SSTC, follow the commenting instructions.

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