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Developing guidelines, justifications, and implementation directions for deploying Semantic Web services in SOA


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The TC meets every 3-4 weeks (meetings are anounced on the TC mailing list).

The work ongoing within the Semantic Execution Environment group has lead to a book entitled Implementing Semantic Web Services - The SESA Framework, Execution Engine for Semantic Web Services, published by Springer in 2008. The committee has completed its work on a document identifying the background and related work for a Semantic Execution Environment and is now proceeding to define a Reference Ontology for adding semantics to Service Oriented Architectures, which will be later used to define the Reference Architecture for Semantically Enabled Service Oriented Architectures.


The aim of the OASIS SEE TC is to provide guidelines, justifications and implementation directions for an execution environment for Semantic Web services. The resulting infrastructure will incorporate the application of semantics to service-oriented systems and will provide intelligent mechanisms for consuming Semantic Web services.

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Although not produced by the OASIS Semantic Execution Environment TC, the following information offers useful insights into its work.

New OASIS Committee Organizes to Provide Semantic Foundation for SOA
OASIS News 01 Nov 2005

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