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In April of 2005, the TC released the "04" Committee Draft of its test case collection. We regret that we are unable to continue this work. The current suite will remain available, and it now includes a "doubts" tracking feature that has been populated with all the unresolved items as of the time it was published. We hope that increases the usability of the AS-IS test suite. We have also provided the partially-written draft of our Test Lab guide. There are a total of 3 README.txt files in the ZIP file of the test suite, the main one being in the DOCS directory. Please follow the Documents link to obtain the latest test suite. If you are interested in the general topic of developing a vendor- and platform-neutral test suite, you can also download the Reviews and SubGuide documents, which are not included in the test suite ZIP. If you are interested solely in our analysis of "discretionary items" in the XSLT 1.0 specification, you can download the XSLTdisc document separately, but it is also included in the suite documents. The test suite is packaged as one instance of a proposed generic scheme for managing test cases with XML meta-data. The center of the scheme is the catalog.xml file. The most complete explanation of the catalog format is in the HowToSub document, which is in the suite ZIP but also available separately.

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