OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC

IPR member counter for OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC, generated on October 20, 2020, 8:18 am

This page is an automated counter to track TC participation statistics that may be relevant under the current OASIS IPR Policy. The counter tracks the number of cumulative days that OASIS members have participated in a specific TC, after the 15 April 2005 enactment date of the current Policy. Until mid-2007, OASIS TCs may operate under either that policy or, in some cases, the prior legacy policy.

These counters are relevant to TCs operating under the current IPR Policy, because it obligates OASIS members whose representatives have served as a TC member for 60 cumulative days or more to make certain licenses available. This table is an automated cumulative counter for that obligation. However, the data in this table depends on maintenance of the rosters by the TC, and may lag or vary from actual participation, so it is subject to correction by definitive documentation.

Name Type Count
Accountis plcCompany179
ACORD CorporationCompany1796
AITI-Associazione Italiana Tesorieri de ImpresaCompany1852
ANF Autoridad de CertificacionCompany676
Axway SoftwareCompany19
BK s.r.l.Company347
Booz Allen HamiltonCompany2792
CIM Engineering Inc.(CIM3)Company1724
ClearView TradeCompany1170
Cognitran Ltd.Company356
Crane Softwrights Ltd.Company5371
CrimsonLogic Pte LtdCompany852
CSW Group Ltd.Company1241
Cyclone CommerceCompany82
Danish Agency for Digitisation, Ministry of FinanceCompany2118
Danish Bankers AssociationCompany742
Danish Business AuthorityCompany937
Defense Logistics Management Standards OfficeCompany351
Denmark Ministry of Science, Technology & InnovationCompany2302
Departamento de Arquitectura de Computadores, Univ Politecnica de CatalunaCompany3253
Difi-Agency for Public Management and eGovernmentCompany3208
Document Engineering Services LimitedCompany2550
ECC Inc.Company1561
efoil, Inc.Company1424
ENEA UTT PMICompany3063
ERP Research CorporationCompany387
Eurobits TechnologiesCompany2178
everis, S.L.U.Company1437
Federal Reserve Bank of MinneapolisCompany1410
Fuji Electric Information Service Co., Ltd.Company966
Gaia Net Exchange S.L.Company1107
General Services AdministrationCompany362
Global Exchange ServicesCompany126
GS1 Colombia/LOGYCACompany1189
Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd.Company863
Innovery SPACompany344
Intel CorporationCompany279
Invinet Sistemes 2003, S.L.Company1787
iZenpe S.A.Company751
Justsystems CorporationCompany1322
Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce (KIEC)Company1080
Middle East Technical UniversityCompany1344
Miley Watts LLPCompany618
NEC CorporationCompany3903
New Zealand GovernmentCompany498
New Zealand Ministry of EducationCompany1030
Nexus ITCompany1010
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI)Company873
Norwegian Digitalisation AgencyCompany232
OIOXML eBusiness Standardization GroupCompany1053
OpusCapita Solutions OYCompany364
OSS NokalvaCompany1731
PISCES LtdCompany1674
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP:Company322
PSLX consortiumCompany5639
Publications Office of the European UnionCompany677
Red WahooCompany660
Revenue Administration of TurkeyCompany295
RFS Holland Holding B.V.Company917
RFS Holland Holding B.V.Company2174
SAP AGCompany24
SeeBeyond Technology CorporationCompany204
Sociedad de Explotacion de Redes Electronicas y Servicios, SA (SERES)Company606
SOM TeamCompany1445
Sonnenglanz ConsultingCompany4687
Sterling CommerceCompany715
Sun MicrosystemsCompany1819
Swedish Association of Local Authorities & RegionsCompany5447
The Boeing CompanyCompany5639
The Infocomm Development Authority of SingaporeCompany222
The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.Company641
Tradeshift Network Ltd.Company3500
UK e-Government Unit Cabinet OfficeCompany342
University of California, BerkeleyCompany2253
University of Hong KongCompany2112
UOML AllianceCompany1003
US Department of Defense (DoD)Company4850
US Dept of the NavyCompany714
World Wide Webbers, Inc.Company664
Barros, RuiIndividual209
Bass, RogerIndividual337
Bausa Peris, OriolIndividual3575
Bausa Peris, OriolIndividual277
Bengtsson, KennethIndividual2604
Birgisson, GeorgIndividual389
Bosak, JonIndividual4315
Caccia, AndreaIndividual516
Capell, SteveIndividual83
Carlson, DaveIndividual193
Chan, WilliamIndividual5605
Cisternino, RobertoIndividual4767
Coates, AnthonyIndividual354
Cornelius, GaryIndividual137
Dill, MichaelIndividual1194
Dogac, AsumanIndividual733
Dubinko, MicahIndividual266
Edwards, GaryIndividual258
Green, StephenIndividual500
Gregory, ArofanIndividual373
Guasch, CecileIndividual997
Harvey, BettyIndividual487
Harvey, BettyIndividual725
Helger, PhilipIndividual508
Hendry, AnneIndividual1784
Holman, KenIndividual248
Itoh, NoboruIndividual404
Kabak, YildirayIndividual319
Kawauchi, AkihiroIndividual2889
Ketels, KrisIndividual230
Kim, Sung HyukIndividual1796
Kim, Sun-HoIndividual778
Korpela, KariIndividual405
Korsgaard, StigIndividual317
Kruppke, DavidIndividual355
Kumar, RamIndividual3942
Laleci Erturkmen, GokceIndividual254
Larmouth, JohnIndividual888
Leitch, MarkIndividual330
Lewis, MattIndividual369
Love, ThomasIndividual109
McGrath, TimIndividual1747
McInerney, JeanIndividual423
Mendez Ferreiro, BraisIndividual504
Mitchell, AndrewIndividual366
Naidoo, LevineIndividual636
Namli, TuncayIndividual359
Nelson, ChrisIndividual157
Pajari, OlliIndividual728
Probert, SueIndividual1306
Rasmussen, SvenIndividual272
Rendon, ZarellaIndividual533
Ryan, StevenIndividual741
Saito, YukinoriIndividual126
Sall, KennethIndividual213
Schlegel, SachaIndividual787
Schoka, AndrewIndividual3876
Seddigh, RayIndividual653
Silva, JoseIndividual2560
Stitzer, AlanIndividual474
van den Boogaard, MartijnIndividual238
Vaughn, KennethIndividual1101
Vera, CarlosIndividual317
Webb, SylviaIndividual1284
Webber, AndrewIndividual353
Yim, PeterIndividual1471
Yim, PeterIndividual264